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Slum Dunk Music 2023

Sonically and lyrically, After The Future explores the fluxes, atmospherics and mutations of time and space, timbre, voice, and rhythm through themes/subjects such as hearing loss, menopause, memory, oppression, immigration, death, futures (and no-futures), disorientation, anachronisms and digital capitalism. It builds an expanded suite of unexpected electro-acoustic textures by making use of repetition, minimalistic motives, simple melodies, processed vocals, chromatic harmonies, free counterpoint, and atonalism. After the Future evokes the exhaustive and current transitory moment we live in: a place and time where language runs out, communication and information lose their functions, sound, sense and meaning do not correspond. Facts do not correspond to contexts. Spaced Out in Paradise.


Slum Dunk Music 2023

Slum Dunk Music are pleased to announce the release of Tetine’s album Music For Breathing. Music For Breathing is Tetine’s new 12’’ vinyl - a 5 track electronic/experimental/post classical album to be released on March 3rd 2023 on Slum Dunk Music. In this release, Tetine’s Eliete Mejorado and Bruno Verner are joined by cellist Yoko Afi, who becomes a third member of the group and contributes with compositions, vocals and additional keyboards. The album was born as a respiratory, meditative, and improvisatory piece of DIY tropical-mutant-punk “chamber music” written for cello, voice, piano, organ and electronics. The work responds to the interrupted and suspended acts of breathing, and the vertigos experienced in contemporary polluted environments through political, social and philosophical mutations.


Slum Dunk Music 2022

Slum Dunk Music are pleased to announce the re-release of Tetine’s album Let Your X’s Be Y’s - our first full album with British label Soul Jazz Records, originally released in 2008 and now fully remastered and reloaded. Featuring some of Tetine’s greatest cuts produced during their Soul Jazz years, Let Your X’s be Y's spans a collection of the duo’s singular underground micro-hits, including numbers such as “I go to the Doctor” featuring Deize Tigrona – the electro baile funk jaunt recorded in the early days of the then growing ghetto baile-bass wave that swept Europe in the beginning of 2000s ; through to the electronic landscapes of “Let The X be X”, “Mata Hari Voodoo”, “Everything Must Die”, “A História Da Garça” and “Slum Dunk”.


Konkret DancE 1986-89 is R. Mutt's lost first album released on Slum Dunk Music. R.Mutt was a post punk / electronic quartet from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Formed in 1986 by Tetine's Bruno Verner with Karla Xavier (AKT), Bernardo Renno (also on Ida & Os Voltas) and Marcos Basho. Since last June we have been recovering this material from the group that now appears in a first volume featuring a collection of 15 tracks taken from their only two cassette tapes, respectively titled 1 & 2. Konkret Dance is melancholic, lo-fi electronic, dub-industrial, goth punk and cosmic.


Animal Numeral is an electronic lyrical-melodic 'anti-pop’/leftfield dance experiment, both auto-fictional and autobiographic; unashamedly crushing together atmospheric & politically-charged drum-machine pop, futuristic goth sambas with elements of old school electro and spoken word, amidst lush, dense and dramatic soundscapes. A dystopian synthpop piece conceived as a 'no show' shout; a transitory re-engineering of temporal syntactic, physical-sensorial utopian accumulations, undisciplined feelings and memories; lyrically imagined in the form of a machinic-organic body of love, pain, pleasure and death drive.



This album features the register of the music composed for the film-performance Tetine vs Pasolini: The Baron, The Bishop, The Judge, The President and The Relative, recorded live and presented at Sesc Avenida Paulista in São Paulo, in June 2018. Conceived as verbo-vocal-visual immersive environment, constituted by soundscapes, found industrial sounds, texts, songs, conversations and beats, The Baron, The Bishop, The Judge, The President and The Relative explores a number of ethical, philosophical, and social-historical questions related to the current authoritarian & fascistic political waves experienced in Brazil, the US and Europe, in dialogue with the universe, aesthetics and politics of controversial Italian filmmaker, poet and intellectual Pier Paolo Pasolini, murdered in 1975.


We're happy to announce the release of DES NORTEIA as limited K7 edition. This has been just launched by 55SP gallery in São Paulo. DES NORTEIA features a selection of unusual booty queer funks with mutant Miami Bass, electro-raps and some tropical abstraction. Including tracks such as Zero Zero Cinco Cinco (Se Vende), L.I.C.K My Favela, Oh Me Horny Oh Nite, Eu Tô em Chamas amongst other micro hits.



No Meio Dessas Bananas / God Or Dog? is an audio-sculpture conceived as a sonic monetary coin in the form of a 12’ inch vinyl record. It features two sound tracks on Side A - “O Bandido” which is a six-minute piece for electronics, vocals, synth-bass and strings and “Why N586”, a second piece for drum machine, vocals, screams, chants, cries, bass-guitar and effects. On Side B there is a print of One Cruzado Novo [NCz$1].

55SP releases No Meio Dessas Bananas / God Or Dog? as limited edition vinyl. It includes a series of 5 insert-poems created by Tetine.


FILM TAPES [1991-1995]

Film Tapes [1991-1995] is a collection of eight experimental pieces composed for film and video works. Written by Bruno Verner of Tetine as he lived in São Paulo in the early 1990, these pieces were produced in an old four-channel Tascan tape-recorder in an improvised home studio, set up in the living room of flat-share in downtown São Paulo. Extracted from cassette tapes, these tracks were inspired by the humid climate and the concrete dystopian architecture of São Paulo's city centre. They are mostly tense, discordant and melodic (ambient) soundscapes, developed around rhythm & repetition structures and building orchestral sonorities in conjunction with impressionistic, chromatic and atonal motives.


Born out of the Slum Dunk radio sessions – hosted by Bruno Verner& Eliete Mejorado of Tetine, aired on Resonance Fm 104.4 in London from 2002 to 2008 - COLT 45 Underground Post Punk, Tropical Tapes, Lo-Fi Electronics and Other Sounds from Brazil (1983-1993) gives continuity to previous efforts to document the lost history of Brazilian post-punk and electronic music from compilations such as The Sexual Life of The Savages, Underground Post Punk from São Paulo  (Soul Jazz Records 2005) and Slum Dunk Presents Uncorrupted Tropical Wave1984-2011 (Slum Dunk Music 2011) both records compiled by Tetine.


Tetine’s QUEER AND MUTANT FUNK CUTS is an experimental dance album which mix funk carioca beats with electro, industrial, synth pop and Miami bass. The record includes Tetine’s heavily bass-driven numbers such as underground micro hit “L.I.C.K My Favela”, politically-charged anarcho funks such as “Zero Zero Cinco Cinco (Se Vende)" a.k.a "Tu so Quer Colonizar" in conjunction with dirty electro-funks such as “Melô Do Italiano”, “Melô Do Estudante”, "Ele é Loiro" or "55".

Wet Dance 2016

53 DIAMONDS is a hallucinatory collection of blind short stories, crimes and falso brilhantes. It explores ideas of 'boredom’ and ‘selfishness’ in our current contemporary cultural condition and the collective fictions in the realm of a self-perpetuating neoliberal regime.

Wet Dance 2013

Tetine’s music on MOTHER NATURE is dark, atmospheric, slow, delicate, melodic and playful. Its otherworldly and meditative qualities reflect a particular harmonic sense of melodic tensions acquired after more then 18 years recording and improvising together as a duo. The 12 tracks on MOTHER NATURE form a collection of never-released material. MOTHER NATURE & BLACK SEMIOTICS are separate releases, however both records are part of a sound project called Memory Serves.

Wet Dance 2013
The sounds of BLACK SEMIOTICS were written between 2000 and 2005 with a deep sense of collective utopia in mind. Recorded in a small room in a flatshare in Hackney and in a studio in Bethnal Green used as an office and rehearsal space. The 8 long tracks on BLACK SEMIOTICS form a collection of never-released material taken from three differnt art projects (Turkish Bath, 33, Winterspace). MOTHER NATURE & BLACK SEMIOTICS are separate releases, however both records are part of a sound project called Memory Serves.
Slum Dunk Music 2013

In Loveland With You is Tetine's 14th album // out in April 2013 on Slum Dunk Music. In Loveland is an album about the rise of the Fourth World. It speaks of human genocides, memory, sex, post-capitalism depression, exclusion, family, war, immigration, drugs and racial conflicts through the voices of both imaginary and real characters.

Slum Dunk Music 2011
Voodoo Dance is a dark & luminous collection of unconventional electronic pop. It brings an unusual set of reflective & atmospheric numbers marrying Tetine’s mutant tropical dissonant disco sound with nostalgic love songs, electro funks, spoken word pieces & experimental soundscapes.
Slum Dunk Music 2011

Uncorrupted Tropical Wave (1984-2011) is a compilation of tropically unconventional Brazilian music produced exclusively by DIY recording artists from several parts of Brazil – featuring tracks by Duplexx, Satanique Samba Trio, Tetine, Shiva Las Vegas, Objeto Amarelo, Karine Alexandrino, Muepetmo, W, Divergência Socialista & O Grito Mudo. Born out of the Slum Dunk radio sessions - the weekly radio program hosted by Eliete Mejorado & Bruno Verner of Tetine aired on Resonance Fm 104.4 in London from 2002 to 2008 - Uncorrupted Tropical Wave (1984-2011) gives continuity to releases such as Slum Dunk Presents Funk Carioca & The Sexual Life of The Savages – Underground Post Punk from Sao Paulo, breakthrough albums conceived & curated by Tetine for the labels Mr Bongo Records & Soul Jazz Records in 2004 and 2005 respectively.

Slum Dunk Music 2010
Tropical Punk

Tropical Punk 12' EP with 4 warm & wild dance punk numbers remastered lifted off the album From A Forest Near You - including an extended mutant funk re-edit of first single Tropical Punk. It oozes charm and atmosphere with a delicious punk-funk-disco sound. A tropical meld of genres. You can hear the exotic parts of Sao Paulo, New York & London... it will make you want to dance yet it doesn't pander to the usual dance production formulas. Mark Moore

Slum Dunk Music 2010

From A Forest Near You is a luminous DIY collection of tropical mutant punk funk/ new wave & experimental electro pop fused with minimal dark sambas and leftfield percussive drum machine-pop, forming a set of personal electronic/post punk pieces with a very distinctive melodic and harmonic sense. Brazilian duo Tetine are like a little paradise of music making, this forthcoming album features the relexed side of their DIY aproach, it relies on pulses of bass and layered riffs, smart innuendo and insight. Perfectly infectious... Pix magazine

LET YOUR X'S BE Y'S Soul Jazz Records 2008

Let Your X’s Be Y’s is a wild mix-up of Punk-Funk/New Wave/Post-Punk/Electro. A highly personal collection of art pop tunes & Tetine’s first full album on Soul Jazz Records. It includes their two previous singles “A Historia da Garca” and “I Go To The Doctor” plus 13 other gems. "Kinder than their full-on live shows it pulls you in and holds you with its ever changing flow and colour, never boring, always inventive". Music Week "

Soul Jazz Records 2008

Killer Punk-Funk/New Wave 12” featuring the Sao Paulo based group Tetine along with a wicked remix from CSS. This is Tetine's second release on Soul Jazz Records and is a taster for their forthcoming album Let Your X’s Be Y’s, a wild mix-up of Punk-Funk/New Wave/Post- Punk/Baile-Bass.


Tetine's 12' single on Soul Jazz Records! " A História da Garça draws more on the latter sound than the former, with a slight, almost menacing down-tempo groove that cuts swathes of unease before breaking into a clean 80's DX-7 synth lead that evokes the mid-period sound of Cabaret Voltaire. Though the gurgling bassline is cold Northern minimalism at its finest, the drums are a pure shot of baile funk. A startling combination of influences and ideas that I'm still working out. Definitely one to watch." Mallory O´Donnell

L.I.C.K. MY FAVELA - vinyl only
Kute Bash Records 2006

L.I.C.K MY FAVELA's vinyl version on German new imprint Kute Bash! Mutant tropical punk carioca Tetine style - no photocopies here! Six brutal turkish delights for your brains and asses - Including very special collaborations with Deize Tigrona and Paul B. Davis (8 Bit Contruction Set/Beige Records).




Slum Dunk Records 2005

L.I.C.K MY Favela is Tetine's brand new special limited edition CD featuring 7 experimental party smash hits suitable for your dance floors. The album was recorded during 2005 in Brasil and Europe and it brings some of the tracks you heard on our live shows but haven't been able to get hold of. The result is a brutal tropical blend of original post punk driven tunes, old school electro, classic sampling lines and dirty mutant disco sung in English and Portuguese by Bruno and Eliete. Including collaborations with MC Deize Tigrona (Slum Dunk Presents Funk Carioca), Paul B. Davis (8 Bit Construction Set/Beige Records).


Soul Jazz Records 2005

The Sexual Life of The Savages is Tetine's take on Brazilian No Wave including 18 obscure tracks from the best acts from the early 80's Sao Paulo's underground post punk scene. The album features the best moments of great bands such as Mercenarias, Gang 90 & As Absurdettes, Patife Band, Akira S, Harry amongst others. Including booklet with text and exclusive photos!

Bizarre Records 2004

Avant hip hop, queer electro funk meets Miami Bass and FunK Carioca! This is our brand new baby named Bonde do Tetão. A love declaration to Brazilain ghetto electro and Funk Carioca with 11 original funks sung in clear & loud Portuguese! For those who enjoy dancing, sexual politics and MCing!

Mr Bongo Records 2004

"This Brillliant, brutal compilation of baile funk reflects Rio de Janeiro's rugged homegrown hip-hop. Electro kick-drums circa 1983 meets loops of Eurythmics or the Rocky theme, with X-certificate raps that sound like Flavor Flav and Miss Thing having a row in Portuguese. Tremendous." Tom Horan, arts editor, Daily Telegraph, 2004
Bizarre Records 2003

Unashamed mix of synthpop and electronica through ten melodic-driven brand new tracks. Men in Uniform speaks of manipulation, cowboys, Super Models, sex in public spaces, hope, narcissism, fetishism. Suitable for dance floors as well as to wash your dishes.


Sulphur Records 2002

"Tetine, Brazilian artists Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado have created a dispassionate American travelogue of great tenderness and reserve. As male and female voices offer intimate insights into the directionless, inertial flow of their relationship, a sharply defined soundtrack follows them on a road trip from New York to Vegas. The televangelist rant, cool French tone and Hip Hop lope of the opening suggest an emotionally detached take on Jean Luc Godard’s classic debut Au Bout De Souffle but the mute longing of ‘Amada Amante’ and ‘I Met Him in The Bar’ go way beyond even that." The Wire, 2002


High School Records 2001

Electropop meets spoken word. From the secret lives of misogynistic pigs in clubland to the pleasures of wig wearing.

Home-recorded throughout 2001. 'Olha Ela De Novo' mix melancholic spoken word tales of love and loss with sexy electro-samba experiments.

High School Records 1998

"The duo chronicles their time through songs that range from shamelessly lyrical to refined irony. (…) It is the most modern realization being made in São Paulo popular music. It is modern because it is international, electric, investigative, multicultural and solitary. A golden egg amongst boring identical farm eggs." O Estado de São Paulo, 1999

High School Records 1997

"The duo Tetine make music for 1998 in 1998(...) The fact is that there is no discretion in ‘Creme’. When speaking of sex, they go directly to the core of the issue. ‘On Your Finger’, ‘Water’ and ‘Living as Quickly as You Can’ are good examples." Folha de São Paulo, 1998



High School Records 1996

"In this debut the duo proceeds down the narrow path previously passed by artists like Meredith Monk and Philip Glass, adding dramatic elements extracted from the methodology of Antonin Artaud and Grotowski." O Estado de Minas, 1997