“The performance is an ode to Earth’s ancestral future as the only possible future. One that was already here: a non-human cosmic, forested and aquatic inherited future moved by the movement of rivers, trees, the stars, insects, birds, plants, landscapes, stones, light, the sky, and the sun. Its music builds an expanded suite of beautiful and unexpected electro-acoustic textures while making use of minimalistic and chromatic motives, atmospheric soundscapes, spoken melodies, free-counterpoint, and atonalism”. Bruno Verner, The Showroom, Feb 2024

“Brazilian tropical mutant punk funk duo TETINE drop intriguing video for “Music For Breathing” – January 2024 - read full interview HERE

"Directed by Tetine’s vocalist/keyboard player, Eliete Mejorado, the visually striking video was filmed in various locations across greater London. The narrative unfolds as an auto-philosophical-experimental sci-fi venture, exploring utopian, ecological, and hallucinatory themes within distinct temporal and spatial dimensions. The storyline weaves pasts, presents, and potential futures, creating a non-linear existential narrative with a touch of disintegration.

Against the backdrop of a seemingly post-global and post-local order, Mejorado, along with Yoko Afi and Bruno Verner, embark on a poetic journey through a multi-faceted sphere. This illusory non-place encompasses pastoral, numerical-digital, migratory, and aquatic elements, all in pursuit of new utopias, latitudes, and longitudes in the cosmos. The dreamy-lysergic atmosphere of “Spaced Out in Paradise”, sung by Yoko and Bruno, further enhances the exploration of another planetary contact.

This video is part of a series of poetic auto-fictions accompanying tracks from After the Future, providing a glimpse of what attendees can expect at Tetine’s upcoming 2024 London shows. Their music, characterized by invention, independence, and strange beauty, promises a unique and unrestrictive experience for fans." Pure M Magazine, Jan 2024

"Wailing feedback and distortion from an untuned radio sweeps in to carry a majestic voice on the back of a white horse. Cello revels in the open space as digital sounds craft undercurrents of character within the flow. A meaningful gesture seems to push from every bar as notes form one after another in a unison and spiritual dance that evokes abstraction and fantastic images. A drifting story of word-less feeling captures the sense of Music For Breathing, as elevated notes meet diminished harmonies and dreamy networks of musical pattern." Sound Read Six, Nov 2023

"Tetine are a self-described "mutant punk funk duo" and have dropped a unique track, Music For Breathing. Formed by Brazilian artists Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado, alongside cellist Yoko Afi, Tetine have been working in the experimental world since their conception. This new release is a dreamy, electro-acoustic meditation for cello, treated voices, electronics and organ. It is a moving, exploratory piece that lets the warmth of the cello, guitar and the other tones and textures move through a world of sonic experimentation. While many interpretations of the piece’s meaning are possible, it is dedicated to our planetary ecosystem in erosion. Check out the accompanying piece, ‘Spaced Out In Paradise’, and their latest album After The Future." Dan Peeke, List Pick from The Most Radicalist

‘Music For Breathing’ is a dreamy electro-acoustic meditation for cello, treated voices, electronics, and organ, dedicated to our planetary ecosystem in erosion.  Conceived by Eliete Mejorado, the video is an ode to Earth’s ancestral future as the only possible future. One that was already here: a non-human cosmic, forested and aquatic inherited future moved by the movement of rivers, trees, the stars, insects, birds, plants, landscapes, roads, stones, light, the sky, and the sun. It is a slow piece about electricity and a poetic allegory against the centrality of humans and capitalism as the mufflers of other presences. God is in the TV, Nov 2023

Music For Breathing' is a dreamy electro-acoustic meditation for cello, treated voices, electronics, and organ, dedicated to our planetary ecosystem in erosion. “Music For Breathing” dwells on such complex relationships motivated by a strong desire for collective change, a shift towards a greater understanding of the cosmos without the need to produce for ‘progress’. The track also comes with “Spaced Out in Paradise”, a washed out, hypnotic melancholic track sung by Yoko and Bruno as they search for another planetary contact." We Speak Music, Nov 2023

"This duo of Brazilians based in East London have always been hard to pin down. Formed from the ashes of the São Paulo and Belo Horizonte arty post-punk scenes, they work in between the hazily defined spaces of music making, academia, gender politics and performance art. Their releases have included everything from bizarre off-kilter baile funk, mutant post-punk and abstract field recordings, so defining them is nigh on impossible. I do, however, recommend starting with the simmering electronics of “Samba de Monalisa” with French artist Sophie Calle from 2002.

This vinyl release is their version of DIY chamber music, perhaps their greatest art project yet, and brings in their 12 year old daughter Yoko on cello. First track “Spaced Out in Paradise” is an excellent introduction to their sound and pretty much represents their take on Brazilian mutant music as to me it contains the DNA of sombre masterpiece “Samba do Morro” by Chance, an absolute stone cold classic of ’80s São Paulo lo tech creativity. “Inverno” features beautifully played cello by Yoko with just a light tasteful touch of electronics adding atmosphere. “And still the earth” walks the line between this post-chamber music they explore and their own atmospheric electronics, almost cinematic in its scope. The title track mixes treated voice and cello to beguiling effect with its electro-acoustic textures." Andy Cummings, Sounds and Colours, March 2023

Tetine interviewed by Daniel Barbosa, O Esatdo De Minas, March 2023. Daniel Barbosa, Estado de Minas, MG, Brazil. Click HERE to read the interview
"We are invited in The Ether, Prelude No.1, to subvert the arguments, in order to reconstruct it on its ethereal aspects, a biopolitics of the air. It is up to us to ask: who breathes, when given the right to breathe? What do we breathe, to whom is the air offered? Who do we breathe for when we do it? We have the act always as natural. Because breathing does not need your awareness, if not of its happening. But in the face of biopolitical desertification of the subject, in which culture assumes the determination of what belongs to nature, consciences must be different. Violence purges the human who resists in the bodies while fragmenting it to its political utilitarianism. That's why we arrived at a context where warfare became normative when fighting bodies.

Desertifying the subject also means isolating him from his social dimension. The work would already be enough in argument so far. Only Yoko and Tetine seek to look afterwards to find mechanisms to overcome the narrative of this historiography. Culture, in its first event, is not limited to what it has done, but in the very movement of making something exist. The origin of Cultivate is what reconnects it to Nature and, more than ever, puts it in a proposition of reaction. Thus, The Ether ends with a restart, being born, giving space from yourself and the encounter with the new, the other, the next. Invites a collective gesture in which we will begin to cultivate ourselves the dimension of another chance to exist to the world." Pat Cividanes and Ruy Filho, Antropositivo, August 2020

"The breaking edge of a gravity wave whose origins are located so deep beneath the surface of things that they might as well be invisible, Brazil's tropicalia movement seems less like an unfolding aestheticstatement than a mathematical fold in reality. Thrilling and disturbing in equal mesure, its innate absorption of avant garde and popular forms opens up a hidden dimentios into which everything must in the end disappear. This lattest colletion, assembled by Tetine's Eliete Mejorado and Bruno Verner from material primarily resleased on cassette and vinyl, is a warped exercise in extreme auto cannibalism, cutting together wrenching guitar rock, minimalist keyboard electronics, no wave noise and new wave disco into weird and wonderful forms." Ken Hollings, The Wire Magazine, April 2018

In many senses this download only compilation ‘Colt 45’ (subtitled ‘Underground Post-Punk Tropical Tapes, Lo Fi Electronics and Other Sounds From Brazil 1983-1993).’ carries on directly from the Slum Dunk radio show that Verner hosted alongside Tetine co-conspirator Eliete Mejorado on London’s Resonance FM from 2002 to 2008 and presents 18 rare tracks taken from self-released cassettes and out of print LPs, all created during a period of political transition as Brazil emerged from more than two decades of repressive military dictatorship. Stylistically there’s a fairly wide range of territory covered here, ranging from more abrasive post-punk and darkwave through to more synth-pop and New Wave oriented sounds, as well as a healthy gender balance of featured artists. Chris Downtown, Cyclic Defrost, Jan 2018

"Delightfully sleazy opener ‘L.I.C.K. My Favela’ succeeds in fusing Kraftwerkian electro grooves with tumbling carioca funk percussion, Verner’s boisterously shouty MC flow adding a sense of punky chaos amidst the writhing beats and buzzing bass synths as Mejorado interjects with her Poly Styrene-esque vocal delivery, while ‘Zero Zero Cinco Cinco’ sees the punky influences rising even further to the forefront as wiry guitar scrapes lock in against the rattling drum machines, Verner’s impassioned Brazilian lyrics and noodling bass synths, in what’s easily the most raw, garage rock-tinged offering here. Elsewhere, ‘Safadinha’ sees the duo opting for a more house-centred delivery as 4/4 kickdrums and handclaps power away beneath zapping carnival-esque synths and bass buzzes, Mejorado’s teasing multitracked vocals seemingly barely maintaining their grip as the jacking rhythms rattle away". Chris Downtown, Cyclic Defrost, Jan 2017

"Agora e hora de gozar bem alto, tirar a roupa pra todos esses Bolsonaros que estao ai. Se tem um momento para a macumba , e agora. E hora de fazer macumba, magia negra. Mudar esse astral. O funk tem esse poder. E o jeito de como eu sei fazer ,acumba, e minha passeata, segue Eliete". Chico Felitti, Folha de Sao Paulo, Dec 2016

"This volume gives a strong sense of how our understanding of post punkhas changed in the last decade or sothrough research, writing and reissues. Contributions by Eliete Mejorado and Bruno Verner (responsable for the groundbreaking compilation of São Paulo post-punk The Sexual Life Of The Savages) and Pyzik show how it has expanded to take in activity in Latin America and Eastern Europe with rather different cultural timescales." Dan Barrow, Wire Magazine, Oct 2016

Tetine retorna sombrio em novo CD, Carlos Albuquerque, O Globo, June 2013
DuplaTetine fala do disco novo e da filha recem - nascida, Claudia Assef, Todo DJ Ja Sambou, Feb 2010
"From A Forrest Near You is the 10th album from Brazilian duo Tetine. The two are known for their unique brand of dance, punk and experimental sounds, and on this album they've compiled those sounds into a nice collection of pop oriented, spacey disco punk. Check out "Tropical Punk," "Let's Get Together," "Electric Sun Ra," "It's A Brotherhood" and "Free Love" for a good idea of what I'm talking about. If you've always wished there was a slightly more belearic aspect to bands like Pixeltan and Free Blood, your prayers have been answered." TURNTABLE LAB, Feb 2010
"Last seen making their UK album debut on Soul Jazz for their 2008 album Let Your Xs Be Ys, Brazilian duo Tetine return with a fresh collection of tropical punk-funk and new-wave inspired electro-pop. As if to properly reintroduce what it is this band do, opening track 'Tropical Punk' lays it plain: Bruno Verner takes the vocal, fronting a mix of catchy drum machines and melodic, almost ESG-like basslines. Maximising dancefloor potential, 'Yr Daughter Lies' finds processed, abstract guitars and electronics weaving their way through a disco soundscape with mutant vocals drifting around in the mix. The album continues to deliver poppy, instant gratification right through to 'It's A Brotherhood, on which Eliete Mejorado delivers a spoken-word vocal over a modulating, midtempo synth-pop backdrop. It's a rare moment to catch breath before the band propel themselves back in the direction of more baile-punk fun on 'Nao' and beyond". Bookmark, Feb 2010

"À l’heure où des héros anonymes comme Stéphane Delajoux œuvrent chaque jour pour nous débarrasser discrètement des vieilles et inamovibles têtes de gondoles, beaucoup de groupes s’évertuent à garder bien vivant l’héritage de ces 30 ou 40 dernières années. Ainsi les Brésiliens de Tetine : auteur d’un excellent ‘Let Your X’s Be Y’s’ sorti il y a deux ans, ce duo semblait être parti sur un lignée malgré tout fort intéressante. Après leur électronique fort rétro mais très ludique (‘I Go To The Doctor’), cette fois-ci le duo vole dans les plumes d’une new wave un peu référencée (Eno, Kratwerk, ‘Electric Sun Ra’ très ‘Electricity’ des premiers OMD), non sans ajouter quelques lignes de basses simples et funky à la ESG (‘Shiva’). ‘It’s A Brotherhood’ a quelque chose d’extralucide avec la voix de Eliete Mejorado qui erre sur des guitares fantômes, ajoutant au ton Sonic Youth. Celui-ci est aussitôt démenti par des effets sonores sortis tout droit des premiers claviers de Brian Eno… glacial pour des Brésiliens mais absolument envoûtant. ‘Free Love’, sans doute un sommet, avec son beat têtu made in 80’ et les splendides vocals de Bruno Verner. ‘Beautiful Day’ est ce qu’il a y a de moins structuré et vous fait perdre tout repère avec ces synthés aigus qui vous enjoint à fixer le soleil pendant des heures. Un disque tout à fait intéressant par son approche quand même assez originale d’un revivalisme qui n’épargne aucun courant." (JD). RESET TO ZERO - Cloudsleeper, Feb 2010

"Si le premier album de Tetine n’était pas arrivé jusqu’à moi, en revanche ce second, intitulé "From A Forest Near You", ma permis de découvrir ce sympathique duo de brésiliens qui définit sa musique de tropical punk funk. Plus concrètement, les compos de Tetine renvoient à la fois au son DFA mais également au son 80’s des Talking Heads ou de Devo avec en plus la Brazilian Touch qui fait ici la différence. Sans entre forcément très original, l’album s’écoute avec un réel plaisir, notamment pour son côté entraînant et sautillant qui le rapproche également des albums de Vampire Weekend. A découvrir!" Pop Revue Express, France, Feb 2010

"Brazilian duo Tetine, that's Bruno and Eli are like a little paradise of music making, this forthcoming album features the relaxed side of their DIY approach. Recorded at home while Eli's expecting, it relies on pulses of bass and layered riffs, smart innuendo and insight. Perfectly infectious, I can't wait to see this live." Princess Julia, PIX, Feb 2010

"The new Tetine album 'From A Forest Near You' [Soul Jazz Records] is a joy. It oozes charm and atmosphere with a delicious punk-funk-disco sound from Brazilian duo Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado (now residing in London). Bruno handles the vocals on opener 'Tropical Punk' (the new single) while Eliette's vocals are super sassy on 'Shiva' (second new single). Both of them sound effortlessly sexy and certainly the same can be said of the album. A tropical meld of genres. You can hear the exotic parts of Sao Paulo, New York and London soundtracked within these 14 songs. Relaxed and breezy this album radiates sunshine and emotion. It will make you want to dance yet it doesn't pander to the usual dance production formulas. Out in February this album is a glorious start to the year". Mark Moore, QX Magazine, Feb 2010
"If this is what's going on down our local copse then we really need to spend more time with nature. Brazilian boy-girl duo Tetine's tenth album ( although only their forth on worldwide release), veers from compelling tropicalia- flanged, punk-funk to dark, minimal, cosmic disco (Revolver), while the pinging, 80's-synth-sample enabled ' Yr Daughter Lies' sounds like something a DJ could spin down the Dalek disco". Kim Taylor Bennet, Time Out London, Feb 2010
"Tetine calls the resulting aesthetic 'tropical punk' , a title they used to brand a show of radical Brazilian contemporary art ..." XLR8R, August 2008
"New world of Sound." Danny McFadden, Metro, July 2008
"What makes Tetine so good is that their off-beat, messy quality makes them natural, seemingly effortless, and therefore beautiful." Vanessa Labi, URB, 4.5/5, June 2008
"The off-kilter, mutated funk, electro and sound manipulation that comprises this inventive and gravely album is an absolute treat." Joe Shooman, PLAN B, June 2008
"Let Your X's Be Y's è stupendo (grazie ancora, Nicola) con le sue tracce post punk stile ESG, primi Human League e il suo stile essenziale e rigoroso. Ora vado a riascoltarmi I Go To The Doctor, prima di uscire." Album of The Month, Tommaso Toma, Rodeo Magazine, June 2008

"Tetine Em Alta" . Claudia Assef, DJ Mag Brasil, Oct 2008

MTV Brasil interview, Oct 2008
"Il's se sont mis a la musique, avec une fixation sur l'electro au premier sens du term, soit le hip hop new yorkais sous influence Kraftwerk pratique par Afrika Bambaaata et consorts au debut des 80's ... Meilleur morceau LET THE X BE X" Technicart France 4/5
"The gleeful merging of 80's synths, baile funk beats and Bruno Verner's non-singing voice allow them to push over an hour mark." Tim Jonze, UNCUT 4/5
"Numa irresistível progressão, “Let Your X Be X” começa tensa e paranóica, enquanto camadas de ritmos entram sucessivamente em cena, transformando-a num arranha-céus electro-italo-disco – estratégia também usada na badalhoquice baile funk de “Melô do Carrão”. “Entertainment nº242” é um exercício de estilo funk-new wave entusiasmante, e “What a Gift to Get” e “Russian Roulette” levantamentos engraçados da synthpop fria e monocórdica dos Pet Shop Boys e dos Visage." Time Out , Lisboa May 2008

"Soul Jazz have snapped them up and the results are hot" Dazed and Confused - Recomended Albuns, May 2008

Tetine es un dúo  Brasileño instalado en Londres cuyo trabajo ha estado a menudo teñido de components arty, como su colaboración con la francesa Sophie Calle en el album Samba de Monalisa (2002). Let Your X’s Be Y’sno es su debut pero sis u primer trabajo para Soul Jazz, sello británico habitualmente atenti tanto a recuperar clássicos de black music como nuevas formulas bailables. Ignasi Moya, La Vanguardia, Mayo 2008

"Ingested with their history in mind,‘Let Your X's Be Y's feels as playful as it is relaxed - soundtracking an artistic project that wears its authenticity, confidence and continuing need for experimentation proudly on its sleeve. Less ‘we do not give a fuck’, more ‘we do not need to give a fuck’ - a crucial difference in a music market riddled with attitude, desperately seeking substance." Stuart Buchanan, Fat Planet, April 2008

"Let Your X's Be Y's currently out on Soul Jazz Records has provocked a curiosity within me. Like peeling back the layers of an onion revealing a pungent core and a sense of a reducing one to very real tears Tetine make music that when fully explored reveals much more then one-liners over kooky beats." PIX, May 2008
"Sprecht mir nach: „Tetine werden das neue Ding aus Brasilien. Ihr New Wave of Post Baile Punk Funk fickt sie alle.“ Wir haben sie uns nicht ausgedacht. Es gibt sie wirklich." VICE Germany, April 2008
"Il y a 15 ans, Eliete Mejorado et Bruno Verner, deux artistes de Sao Paulo, fondaient le groupe Tetine. Neuf albums plus tard, entre electro punk, baile funk, hip hop et new wave, le duo a acquis une certaine reconnaissance en Europe, mais reste tout de même largement inconnu en France. Et pourtant, sans eux, des groupes comme CSS et Bonde Do Role n'auraient peut-être pas existé." Brain Magazine, Sept 2008
"Tetine viva baile punk." interview TRAX, June 2008
"As usual, real innovators like Tetine rarely get the props they deserve. So if the freaky tweaked electro-booty bop of Let Your X’s Be Y’s bring to mind the baile funk jams you’ve heard before, it’s probably because fellow Brazilian knuckleheads Bonde do Rolê and CSS copped their best moves from Tetine’s Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado, who started working as Tetine way back in 95 when DJ Diplo was just record nerd Wesley Pentz." Tim Perlich, Now Toronto, June 2008
"High grade electronica from veterans Brazilians" Q, June 2008
Let Your X's Be Y's album of the week, TNT Magazine, March 2008

"Often those who benefit least from the rise of a new musical style or scene tend to be the originators, the pathfinders or the mavericks. Tetine sit right in that bracket. They are the sharp end of the Sao Paulo Baile-punk-funk mash-up scene that served up CSS and Bonde Do Role in quick succession.

Formed in 1995 by Eliete Mejorado and Bruno Verner, Tetine released their first album Alexander’s Grave in 1996 through their own label, High School Records. Let Your X's Be Y's may be their first official UK release but it is, in fact, their eighth album; and it’s excellent.

They are already well known in London having moved here in 2000 when invited to become resident artists at Queen Mary’s College, University of London. And, noted for their work with performance artists like UR=HOR, led by choreographer Adriana Banana, the band developed their reputation throughout Europe with pieces like Samba de Monalisa, a collaboration with the French artist Sophie Calle.

Their encouragement and support of musicians from Sao Paulo and the Baile-funk scene helped raise the profile of acts like CSS, who repay the favour here with an excellent remix of the lead track, I Go To The Doctor.

The album is a breath of fresh air; at times evocative of early Pet Shop Boys, on tracks like What A Gift To Get, and at others conjuring up the template for the joyful sound of new Brazil on Ai Amor/Me So Horny.

The whole thing is an embarrassment of riches, and as a piece it holds together with wit and charm. Kinder than their full-on live shows it pulls you in and holds you with its ever changing flow and colour, never boring, always inventive.

Name checked by musicians like Chicks on Speed, CSS, Diplo and Sinden they have also appeared with acts like Dizzee Rascal. Their recent headliner at the Last.fm sponsored night at Bethnal Green’s Working Man’s Club was a reflection of their prominence on Last’s hype chart. And with summer festivals pencilled in across Europe, their underground cool is likely to come into the sunlight.

Check them out on Resonance FM (http://www.resonancefm.com) where they have a regular show. Whether or not they are that concerned with being pop stars is a mystery, the music says yes but the band themselves are so much more than that." Nick Tesco, Music Week, March 2008

Brazilian duo Tetine were a huge inspiration on CSS, who turn up here for a typically boisterous remix. The original is the prime-pick, though, a joyful playground chant of pop Baile Funk. Its silly to the point of inanity, but good Lord it’s fun. FACT, March 2008
"Brazilian duo prone to rithualistic performances headline with a sound that ranges across electro punk, atonal orchestral pieces, baile funk and Miami bass..." Time Out London, Critics Choice, March 2008
An electrifying night out by Rahul Verma, Metro, March 2008

Tetine Interviewed by Joost Van Bellen. Rauw zine, November 2007

The A B C of Tetine - published on Key Magazine, Brazil, Nov 2007

"The Brazilian electro punk push continues apace with this duo who fuses baile funk, punky noise and performance art to engaging effect." Time Out London, June 2007

"You need a musical glossary to keep up with the kids these days. I’d only just learned what emo was (and to avoid it at any cost) when I started hearing about ‘Carioca funk’ – electronic punk from Brazil, laden with synth effects, shouty vocals and filthy lyrics. Current champions include the brilliant CSS and Bonde do Role, but predating both are arty avant-garde duo Tetine, who take over the Whitechapel on Friday. Expect all kinds of experimental multimedia mayhem and a chaotic live set from a pair known for their crazy get-ups. Put it this way, if you’ve been looking for an occasion to model your sequinned jumpsuit and horse’s tail, this is it. Baile funk, ghetto post-punk, call it what you will, it sounds pretty damn good to me." Melanie Kramers, Lecool, Jun 2007

"Cool beans. Here's a new manifestation of the Brazilian Baile. Tetine is a production duo leading Sao Paolo's avant garde music scene. In addition to having Brazilian sensibilities, Tetine adds striking elements of electronica, house, and new wave to create the strange brew. "A Historia Da Garca(1)" sounds like a soundtrack for a dystopian flick: acid sounds; cool Portuguese raps, and spooky new wave synths. It's one of the freshest sounds I've heard in ages. The flip, "Slum Dunk(2)," is not the Baile Funk you are expecting. Rather, it's some Aphex Twin-esque mellow electronica, complete with vintage sounding drum synths. I'm dropping the recommended here on originality." Turntablelab, April 20007

"Licked into shape " Tetine interviewed by Sara Quin, Fuck Magazine, Feb 2007

"I have known Tetine since 1999, a year before they established themselves in London. I remember they started out as an experimental duo - Eliete Mejorado was part of the experimental art scene in São Paulo..."Ana Garcia, Plan B Magazine Feb 2007

"Art duo Tetine’s pumped-up punk-meets-funk sound and frenzied on-stage antics make them a creative force to be reckoned with. Having released a prolific eight albums and performed everywhere from Sonar to the Whitechapel Gallery, Eliete Mejorado and Bruno Verner are beacons of their native Sao Paulo avant-garde electronic underground.(...) This is the radical duo who have brought Funk Caroica – the intense lo-down Miami Bass driven sound (literally meaning “Funk from Rio”) – within London’s cultural radar. Their regular show on Resonance FM, ‘Slum Dunk’, has given essential exposure to Brazil’s most experimental soundscapes, covering electronica to post-punk, since 2002. (...) Fast-forward to now and the London-based pair’s latest single on Soul Jazz Records, ‘História da Garça’ marks a return to their roots. Meanwhile expect their upcoming album to be full of dark sambas – twisted takes on the building blocks of traditional Brazilian music – with a dreamy nod to old-school electro. Their lyrics may still talk of real-life sex and domesticity but this album is set to be worlds away from the sample-laden funk of their earlier tracks like ‘L.I.C.K. My Favela’. “It’s important to show that we have more than one side,' says Bruno, 'just like Brazil.' " Aimee Farrell, Fact Magazine. Nov 2006

Computer Music feature. Out 2006

Feature on Belgian Gonzo Magazine, Oct 2006

"Their latest, L.I.C.K. My Favela (Slum Dunk) is wall-to-wall with sassy party jawns, grrrl-queer liberation polemics, and Miami-bass boom." Jessica Hopper, CHICAGO READER. Sept 2006

"I didn’t quite know what to expect from Brazil’s Tetine (pictured above). Eliete Mejorado came out clad in a bright golden metallic one piece bodysuit complete with a horse’s tail attached to her. Bruno Verner’s dress was much more modest in contrast but he was just as passionate while singing. They both sang and the songs were very keyboard dependent as well. They were captivating, raunchy, and created very danceable music which, even though the lyrics weren’t sung in English, was pretty easy to guess at subject matter wise. If you like CSS, check out Tetine." Radio Free Chicago (Regarding the Wire Festival in Chicago) Sept 2006


"If Colleen's looped flirtations and Yellow Swans' noisy pall seemed worlds apart, Tetine came at us at from another dimension altogether. Quick to point out that they make "funk carioca" and not "baile funk," the charmingly sleazy boy/girl duo bumped, grinded, gyrated, and spat quick-tongued Portuguese over a sick array of beats and samples, encouraging folks to lick their favelas-- sounds naughty, until you realize that favela basically translates to "ghetto." Matthew Solarsk, PITCHFORK . Sept 2006

XLR8 feature on the new Brazilian Music, July 2006

Dose Magazine, interview with Bruno Verner on post punk. Kevin Ritchie, Jan 2006

The sage Shaquille O'Neal once said, "Don't fake the funk on a nasty dunk." Tetine, the performance art/electronica duo forming the core of the UK's Slum Dunk collective, live by that motto. Members Eliete Mejorado and Bruno Verner, both native Brazilians who have since relocated to London, created Tetine in São Paulo in 1995 by combining various cultural and artistic currents. Lyinersecg at the inttion of performance art, video, and dirty electronica, a Tetine concert comes off as a Latin American version of Fischerspooner, with the raw sounds of baile funk infusing the squelchy beats. (PS) - Flavorpill. New York. Dec 2005.

Carmen Miranda indulged Americans with the mid-century stereotype of Brazilian women. The next phase of the stereotype was the chilled-out female singers like Astrud Gilberto and, more recently, Bebel Gilberto. Eliete Mejorado and her partner Bruno Verner are the duo Tetine. Call Tetine the next phase. Marco Werman - The World - BBC Music Online. Dec 2005.

Tetine has also increasingly incorporated the aggressive beats of baile funk into their own more rock-oriented music, which Verner dubs "punk carioca" ... Tetine's forthcoming album, L.I.C.K My Favela, draws even more heavily from baile, especially on the Peaches-esque title cut, but Verner isn't interested in making the genre hip like the U.K.'s grime has become. Niles Baronowski, UR CHICAGO. Dec 2005.

Tetine were my first introduction to the dirty brazillian sound of Funk Carioca (Rio Funk). Before the days of West Side Gang Bang, before all the Diplo lovin that was going on, these guys were breaking barriers on London radio. Christopher Lehault, Free NYC. Dec 2005

Who let the cãos out? We're happy to bring back the art-brut duo TETINE, formed in São Paolo Brasil, based in London. Back in March they celebrated their Funk Carioca compilation on Mr. Bongo by throwing the first-ever RIO FUNK party in New York- and it was off the meters..! Now, hot on the heels of their newest compilation of obscure underground post-punk from São Paolo, "The Sexual Life of the Savages" on Soul Jazz, TETINE is touching back down in Manhattan for a night of twisted dirty ghetto DISCO PUNK. Fusicology. Dec 2005

Tetine are the two downright crazy Brazilians, Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado. Well, we can confirm the latter is off her box anyway. We've just seen a postcard of the pair posing outside UK supermarket Tesco; Bruno pushing a trolley in a beenie hat, Eliete stripped down to a gold sequened bikini and red lipstick. It's not so much the outfit that convinced us she's raving mad, or the fact that's she wearing it outside Tesco. It's because she's wearing this get-up in England. We're talking wet, windy and ferociously freezing. Superb! Blending electro with carioca funk and rap, this album is dirty, gritty and utterly underground. Elle J Small, F.Magazine, London. June 2005

São Paulo's Tetine sweep a joyful grab bag of beats into their DJ- performances sets but the over'riding aim is tostir it up as they did in their ace compilation of Rio Baile Funk- funk carioca (take your pick, but the album was called Slum Dunk) and in their own ghetto electro dancefloor tunes. Time Out, London. May 2005

Slum Dunk Presents Funk Carioca is a filthy, lo-fi blend of 80's hip hop, early 90's rave, wobbly bhangra, bruta Detroit techno, Miami bass, Kraftwerk samples and hilariously out of date synth stabs, plus bonkers MCs barking at you in Portuguese. Oddly, much of its synthetic, bleepy ringtone sound invokes UK grime (track 6 has clearly 'influenced our own MIA). Can't wait to hear more. John Lewis - Time Out, London. April 2005 - Critics Choice.

Who let the cãos out? Those wonderfully crude, butt-bouncing beats from the favelas of Brasil known as funk carioca (or, often, Rio Funk) - sort of a cross between Miami BAss, ghetto-tech, electro and crunk - is becomingincreasingly popular in the northern hemisphere as of late. That trend will only continue with the release of the tons-of-fun Slum Dunk Presents Funk Carioca, courtesy of the South American music archivists at the UK's Mr. Bongo label. The album is mixed by the São Paulo - based art-and music-scene lunatics Eliete Mejorado and Bruno Verner, a.k.a Tetine. Time Out, New York. March 2005.

This is one of the most arresting and exciting sounds on the planet and quite unlike anything youhave ever heard. Rahul Verma - Metro Life - Dec 2004

The glorious nuance, texture and subtlety of so much Brazilian music is completely fucking absent in this stuff, but who cares? This shit rocks. This comp is selected by Tetine, the punky Paulista performance-art pair who host a Brazilian-beats radio show in London. 8/10. Rupert Bottenberg - Montreal Mirror - Dec 2004

It was the beats that got me - some of the biggest, most booming and booty - moving sounds I had ever heard,with little pretense other than getting dancers into the bump 'n' grind position and keeping them there. T'Cha Dunlevy - the Gazette - Montreal - Nov 2004

Tetine, Brazilian artists Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado have created a dispassionate American travelogue of great tenderness and reserve. As male and female voices offer intimate insights into the directionless, inertial flow of their relationship, a sharply defined soundtrack follows them on a road trip from New York to Vegas…The televangelist rant, cool French tone and Hip Hop lope of the opening suggest an emotionally detached take on Jean Luc Godard’s classic debut Au Bout De Souffle but the mute longing of ‘Amada Amante’ and ‘I Met Him in The Bar’ go way beyond even that’. Ken Hollings, The Wire. June 2002

‘Brazilian performance-based duo air the dirty beats and pre-recorded voices of their extraordinary new LP Samba de Monalisa, a compelling, narrative based mix of electronica and sampled vocals made in collaboration with Sophie Calle….’ Time Out London, June 2002

Le travail de Tetine et Sophie Calle est à rapprocher de celui de Genesis P.Orridge dans so projet Splinter Test (Welcome to Las Vegas oú l’on perçoit la voix surnaturelle de Roy Orbison) ou bien encore des constructions méditatives de Stephen Jones (Hotel Madrid). Sur le plan de la narration, le glissement du privé au public, de l’intime à l’ouvre, cher à Sophie Calle, démontre avec brio qu’il existe des alternatives dignes aux cogitations loft-storyennes: le journal intime électronique…. La musique atosphérique et lointaine de Tetine apport un nouvel eclairage, inedit et enchanteur, aux autofictions de Sophie Calle'.4/5 Lionel Delamonte, Chronic’art, France, June 2002

'Impresario of indulgence Ian White and Brazilian performance duo Tetine deliver a seriously whacked out evening of mixed media mayhem that covers all the bases and barely stops for breath. Tetine themselves are launching their new dirty beats/ found voices cd made in collaboration with following artist Sophie Calle; there's image work from them, videos by Queen of Endurance Art Marina Abramovic and the marvelous Chicks on Speed; and more much more is promissed. From hybrid to hola!, high culture to 'Here She is Again', why not shake your booty at WAG this Friday?' GE, Time Out London, June 2002

Recommended tune: 'No Sex Last Night' - Tetine vs Sophie Calle. BBC Radio 1, June 2002

Recommended electronica album of the month. Tower Records, May 2002

'Art and Performance. This is sure to be interesting… double slide projections (Here She is Again), videos by Marina Abramovic, Chicks on Speed, electronica and spoken word. Co curating this spetacle are Tetine the Brazilian performance based comprising Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado. They will be playing an exclusively live set to mark their release of their new CD Samba de Monalisa, which was made in colaboration with the artist Sophie Calle at the Whitechapel Art Gallery'. Kultureflash, London, June 2002

‘L’apport musical du duo Tetine donne aux quelques extraits narratifs ou de dialogues une force et une sentimentalié étonnantes. D’une très belle justesse. D’une just finnesse. L’albu prend vraiment une dimension de document sonore où les instantes clés du film son’t saisis, montrés puis étendus en des plages musicales que décortiquent la scène et la font apparaître a nu…’. Clarknova Magazine, France, June 2002

'Um pouco como a própria Sophie Calle, o Tetine quer refletir sobre dois eixos. As conexões possíveis entre a 'alta cultura' e os mass media e entre o público e o privado (..) Samba de Monalisa recupera de certa forma o viés experimentalista e falado de Alexander's Grave, o álbum de estreia de 1996. Nesse, o 'gatilho' não era o cinema mas o teatro e literatura com fragmentos de textos de Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams, Strindberg Musset e outros'. Alex Antunes, Revista Bravo, Brazil, Set, 2002

El cine negro se refleja en los ambientes oscuros de 'Welcome To Las Vegas' y el romántico conecta con 'Music For Mechanics' debido sus violines y conversaciones. 'Sandalia Quebrada' vuelve a esa mezcla electrosamba y ambientes sintéticos aderezados por voces, esta vez sin un diálogo explícito. Más preciosista e actual es 'Hotel Madrid', tema que conecta con artificieros de la electronica como Múm'... Estamos pues ante un disco para los amantes de la música electrónica con aporte cinematográfico e experimental (aunque sin ecxesivos riesgo). Lo cual no es poco.' Satelite Pop, Madrid, July, 2002

‘Fave tracks are 'No Sex Last Nigh' and 'Amada Amante'. Even though it is really quite complex and multilayered, repeated listening is rather rewarding. It is actually quite an accessible album, given the right exposure it could be a cult crossover, attains cult status and so much publicity that it crosses over into mainstream popularity’. Clive Craske, Jazzical Gaz, April 2002

‘…atmospheric mysterious film dialogue drifting darkly across some strangely scratched electronic riffs. Why you ask? Because the São Paulo based duo Tetine have a thing about the cult French artist called Sophie Calle'. Robert Sandall, Mixing it, BBC Radio 3, April 2002

'E questa ibridazione di lingue (i testi sono parte in inglese, parte in portoghese) e di segni sfocia in un mix di rara potenza di immagini personali e emblemi nazionali; un parto in diretta e il carnevale di Rio, video privati e Sonia Braga, sguardi equivoci in interni e il motto nazionale Ordem e Progresso, ma anche Madonna e Lionel Richie, Nina Hagem e Julia Kristeva'. La Repubblica, Bologna, Italy, Sep 2001

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