>> PERFORMANCES - live shows / art shows & other actions.

Tetine at For K Punk / Mark Fisher Memorial Lecture, 2020

Tetine perform Animal Numeral live at For K-Punk 2020 as part of the celebrations of the 2020 Mark Fisher Memorial Lecture at Goldsmiths SU. Line up: Mark Leckey, Tetine, Chooc Ly, RKSS, Jennifer Walton - following the lecture of Simon Reynolds.

'Shaft Abre Caminho Palo Santo' at SET Dalston, 2019

Shaft Abre Caminho Palo Santo is a re-inhabitation/ re-corporification; a transitory reengineering of utopian accumulations in the form of a no-show-exhibition with Tetine (Bruno Verner & Eliete Mejorado) and Brazilian artist Anderson Borba.

Tetine vs Pasolini: O Barão, O Bispo, O Juiz, O Presidente e O Parente, São Paulo, 2018

Tetine vs Pasolini: The Baron, The Bishop, The judge, The President and The Releative - performance-film presented at Sesc Avenida Paulista in São Paulo, Brazil 2018.


Tetine - No Meio Dessas Bananas / GOD or DOG? 55 SP - live transmission (2018)

No Meio Dessas Bananas, GOD or Dog? is an audio sculpture conceived as sonic monetary coin in the form of 12'' inch vinyl record. On the occasion of its launch at 55 SP Tetine presented a sound action/live transmission involving the manipulation of tapes, voices, found sounds and electronics.


Tetine's piece Zero Zero, Five Five (Se Vende) at South London Gallery, London 2016

Tetine's Zero Zero Five Five (Se Vende) live at South London Gallery - part of the programme for the exhibition "Under The Same Sun".


O Guarani, 2016

Tetine's new piece "O Guarani" premiers in Coimbra as part of the exibithionTRAN(S)ARAU - Do Pulso A Virilha.at Pra- Kys-Tao , Rua Das Esteirinhas 201, Coimbra, Portugal 2016

Tropical Mutant Punk Funk at The School Of The South, Sudio Voltaire, 2016

-Bruno Verner & Eliete Mejorado discuss the 1980's Brazilian Post Punk scene, DIY Tropical culture and the emergence of an underground post ytropicalist sensibility at The School of South, Studio Voltaire in London, UK

Tetine 20 Years, Sesc Vila Mariana, 2015

Tetine at Sesc Vila Mariana celebrating 20 years of activities. Performance- concert featuring Brazilian legendary singer Maria Alcina & Jaloo and repertoire from the alums Loveland With You (2013), Tropical Punk (2010) and Let Your X’s Be Y’s (2008)

THE 4TH WORLD - An Animal With The Demand To Make Choices, Itau Cultural, 2015

A 50 min experimental eco-philosophical DIY sci-fi film-performance on the survivors of a dystopian playground dominated by bugs, cockroaches and other pests. A recurring theme in Tetine’s practice, the film juxtaposes elements of improvisational live performance, original electronic music, spoken word, found and original footage. An auto fiction for possible future ecologies and other existential & political contaminations.

53 Diamonds at Glory Hole, Galeria Jaqueline Martins, 2015

Tetine's new piece 53 Diamantes: A collection of Black Stories, Crimes, Falsos-Brilhantes and Other Poems in exhibition at Galeria Jaqueline Martins (espaço Glory Hole, Raree Show 1) curated by Bruno Mendonça.

Tetine & Jarbas Lopes DEEGRAÇA at Festival Multiplicidade, 2014

Double bass riot with Tetine & Jarbas Lopes DEEGRAÇA. The trio perform a set of experimental, improvised electronic music & spoken word with elements of funk carioca, miami bass, crunk and post punk inside DEEGRAÇA // a penetrable tent made of funk carioca banners at Festival Multiplicidade in Rio de Janeiro.

Tetine - album release show of In Loveland With You at Sesc Vila Mariana, 2014

Tetine performing in Sao Paulo at the theatre of SESC VILA MARIANA. An evening of dark sambas, post punk electronica, Tetine's films and other angularities to mark the relase of "In Loveland With You" (Slum Dunk 2013)

In Loveland With You / Black Semiotics/Mother Nature at Les Atelier Claus in Brussels, Belgium (2013)

Expect an experimental electronica and punk funk based on the new releases + Brazilian poet Ricardo Domeneck and Markus Nicolaus aka Cunt Cunt Chanel.

Tetine live at The Laundry - In Loveland With You (2013)

Tetine at Hackney's Laundry release party in London - playing from the new album"In Loveland With You" (Slum Dunk Music)

They Want To Get Rid of The Street Vendors (Dec 2012)

Tetine's ongoing series of informal DIY guerilla street/video actions on the semantics of self-piracy, sound object disfunctionality, reconfiguration of goods & auto sampling tactics. An improvised ‘camelo’ (informal street selling point) with banners, selected items and manufactured CDs will be set up at the glorious White Cubicle toilette. They will be there to emanate a sexually charged anti-industry "wall of sound”. Pop and anti-pop eating themselves. The death of the record. The record of the time. Visitors are encouraged to unglue Tetine's cds from the wall and take them home!

Tetine performing 'I Hope You Enjoy Your Stay' live at Stenersen Museum Oslo, Norway (Sep 2012)

Premiering new piece 'I Hope You Enjoy Your Stay' at Stenersen Museum in Oslo.

Tetine live at Museum of Contemporary Art of Oslo (Sept 2012)

Tetine perfroming Voodoo Dance & Other Stories as part of the exhibit 'I Wish This Was A Song' at Oslo's Museum of Contemporary Art - Nasjonalmuseet.


Tetine does Rio Babilonia - Sesc Santo Amaro, São Paulo, Brazil (Jun 2012)

Tetine performing a brand new score for Neville D' Almeida 's early 80's new wave classic Rio Babilonia - live in Sao Paulo.

Tetine perfroming at Trienalle Di Milano - Open Art (May 2012)

Tetine performing at the Triennale di Milano as part of OPEN ARTI - playing from Voodoo Dance & Other Stories, From A Forest Near You and Let Your X's.


Tetine performing music from their last two albums "Voodoo Dance & Other Stories" at Espaço 104.

Tetine - O Bandido Da Luz Vermelha, Sao Paulo, Brazil (Oct 2011)

Tetine + Helena Ignes performing a new soundtrack live for the legendary cinema marginal film "O BANDIDO DA LUZ VERMELHA" by Rogério Sganzerla.

Tetine & Jarbas Lopes performance Deegraça, Tudo E, Firenze, Italy (Jun 2011)

Tetine and Jarbas Lopes live, re-enactment of 'Deegraça' within the exhibition 'Tudo E' curated by Alberto Salvadori and Andrea Lissoni in Firenze, Italy

Tetine live at Musica Mutante, Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, London (Oct 2010)

Tropical Mutant Punk Funk action in East london for Oxjam. Performing songs from latest albums 'From A Forest Near You.

Tetine live at Linea D'ombra festival in Salerno, Italy (April 2010)

Performing new songs from latest album 'From A Forest Near You' live at Linea D'ombra festival in Salerno, Italy April 2010.



Tetine Vs Sophie Calle - Samba De Monalisa, Videobrasil, São Paulo (Jul 2009)

Tetine vs Sophie Calle - Samba de Monalisa, performed live at Videobrasil during Sophie Calle's exhibition Take Care of Yourself, São Paulo, Brasil .

Tetine live at Vale Do Anhangabau, Sao Paulo, (Jun 2009)

Performing Let Your X's Be Y's live in Sao Paulo - ( free for all concert that took place at Vale do Anhangabau in the old city center of Sao Paulo)

Tetine live at Evento, Bordeaux Biennale (Out 2009)

Tetine performing Samba de Monalisa in Bordeaux at Evento as part of the Bordeaux Biennial. (Out 2009)

Tetine live at Video Unlimited 08, Udine, Italy (Dec 2008)

Tetine performing Let Your X's be Y's live in Udine, Italy.

Tetine performing Let Your X's be Y's at SESC POMPEIA (Oct 2008)

Premier of Let Your X's Be Y's - live at Sesc Pompeia, São Paulo, Brazil.

Tetine live at Festival Sudoeste 08, Portugal (Aug 2008)

Tropical mutant punk funk action with Tetine live at Zambujeira - part of Festival Sudoeste 08 in Portugal. For concert video, click on the pic.

Tetine play Last Fm Presents at Working Men's Club (Mar 2008)

An evening at the Working Men's Club with Tetine live - also celebrating the release of single I Go To The Doctor (Soul Jazz).


Tetine at Beaconsfield for Mother of All Parties (Mar 2008)

Mother of All Parties at Beaconsfield gallery with Tetine, Paul B. Davis, Hauschka, Serafina Steer, Howard Jacques, Andrea Parker and many more!

Tetine play RAWN live at Tivoli in Ultretch (Nov 2007)

Tetine live in Holland playing the amazing RAWN with Crookers and Joost Van Bellen.

Tetine's Tropical Mutant Punk Funk at Bistroteque (July 2007)

Sunday night gigs / night club propositions by artists/artist bands invited by Pablo Leon de la Barra. Tetine presented a special one-off evening of mutant punk funk meets miami bass in brutal tropical mode.

Tetine live at Club Motherfuck, London (July 2007)

Tetine live at Club Motherfucker with Daughters of Chaos and Tapedeck!

TETINE presents TROPICAL PUNK at Whitechappel Art Gallery (June 2007)

An evening of radical tropical manifestations curated by Tetine at The Whitechapel Art Gallery Late Nights with live action, dj sets, a special screnning of I'm ugly But Trendy plus the release of TROPICAL PUNK fanzine. A cannibal mixed media mayhem covering sound, film, art videos, performance, drawings and T Shirt.. More info here

Tetine at Hanna Holand's Bastard Batty Bass! (May 2007)

Tetine live at Hanna Holland's Bastard Batty Bass all day party at Old Blue Last. with Zombie Disco Squad, Hanna Holland, Jim Warboy, Naomi, Mama Shamone, MC Chickaboo.

Tetine live @ Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt (May 2007)

Museum Night at Frankfurt Kunstverein with Tetine and Dutch artist Jonas Ohlsson.

Tetine @ Casa Da Música, Porto (April 2007)

A night of live ghetto pop for the anniversary of Casa Da Música in Porto featuring live sets by Tetine, Deize Tigrona, Buraka Som Sistema and Dizzie Rascal.


Tetine @ Kurator.org in Plymouth (March 2007)

Performing at Social Hacking with Mikro Orchestra as part of Kurator.org festival in Plymouth, UK.

Tetine @ Sesc Pompéia, São Paulo (Jan 2007)

Special concert at Sesc Pompeia in São Paulo with artists Erika Verzutti and Mauricio Fleury (Multiplex) in the band!

Tetine at 11 Club in Amsterdam (Nov 2006)

Museum night in Amsterdan featuring Tetine playing a special multimedia concert at 11 Club for Art Beat. A 12 screen visual madness while LICK MY FAVELA is performed in its entirety. Line up includes the lovely Sick Girls, Jacozzi, Radioclit amongst others.


Tetine 's Turkish Bath in New York (Sept 2006)

Tetine's Turkish Bath immesrsive audio visual installation on men in private showers performed live at Monkey Town in New York.

Tetine @ Joe's Pub, NYC (Sept 2006)

This is L.I.C.K MY FAVELA live at Joe's Pub in New York.


Tetine @ The Aventures In Modern Music Festival, Chicago (Sept 2006)

Punk carioca action in experimental shores. Tetine live at The Wire's Adventures in Modern Music annual festival in Chicago with Collin and Yelow Swans on the same bill!

Tetine @ Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool (Sept 2006)

Tetine live at the opening night of Liverpool Biennial at Greenland Street/A Foundation.

Tetine live at Palais de Tokyio, Paris (2006)

Tetine performing at Palais de Tokyo with Pablo International Magazine - part of Tropico-Vegetal exibit. A summer night action of munatnt punk funk live in Paris 40 degrees!

Click here to see pics + video

Tetine live at 93 Feet East in London (2006)

Go go go you savages! SH 101 action in East London + Eliete playing Pelada do Flamengo at Shortwave.

Tetine at QEH in London, Mar 2006

Part of Ether 06 - a late night curated by Ladytron. Tetine performing L.I.C.K My Favela live at Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Click here for pics + video.

Tetine vs Assume Vivid Astrofocus, Tropicalia, Barbican, Feb 2006

Tetine performing LiCK MY FAVELA in collaboration with Assume Vivid Astrofocus performing at the opening night of Tropicália @ Barbican in London. More pics here. Click here to watch the video

Tetine at Nublu in New York , Jan 2006

Tetine play L.I.C.K My Favela live at Nublu. Punk Carioca action in New York for a delightful and participative crowd! Lick my Caracas, lick my Chile, lick my Colombia. Do the dance!

Tetine live at SOB's, New York, Dec 2005

Late night session in NYC with Tetine playing from funk Bonde do Tetão (Bizarre Music) and L.I.C.K My Favela (Slum Dunk) plus DJ set of unexpected booty-shaking sounds.

Tetine live in Chicago, Dec 2005

Tetine's Slum Dunk Presents Funk Carioca release at Sonotheque in Chicago. A hip griding evening of fresh booty shaking sounds from the hills and beyond.

Tetine live at Centre D'Art Contemporaine de Normandie, France, Nov 2005

Tetine performs L.I.C.K my Favela live at Reencontre Parallees with Rio's post tropicalista artist Cabelo.

Click here to watch the video.

Tetine live in Bari, Nov 2005, Italy

Two nights of great experimental music, spoken word performances and twisted electronica with Tetine, Moreno + 2, Lydia Lunch and many others.

Tetine and Deize Tigrona live in Rio, Brazil, Aug 2005

An evening with Tetine and funk carioca diva MC Deize Tigrona live at Dama de Ferro in Rio de Janeiro. Here Eliete and Deize perform Ai Amor, Me So Horny together followed by Injeção and Discurti. Unforgetable and classic!

Click here to see the pics

Tetine live at WMF in Berlin, Germany, June 2005

The sexual life of the savages. Go favela! Tetine performs Bonde do Tetao live in a grime meets punk funk carioca night entitled Revolution N5. For more pics and full action click here!

Click here to see more pics. Click here to watch the video

Tetine perform Bonde do Tetão live at ZDB, Lisbon! (2005)

Back to Lisbon for a great sweaty night of avant punk carioca, baile funk & electrofunk and weird imagery at Galeria ZDB! Tetine perform the whole Bonde do Tetão live including the premiere of a brand new piece by Tetine Vs Deise Tigrona aka Deise Big Tiger!

Tetine live at 93 Feet East in London (2005)

LICK MY FAVELA! Pre-summer hot action with Tetine live at 93 Feet East featuring Apavoramento Sound System from Rio.

Tetine live at Museu Serraalves in Porto (2005)

Queer electro funk carioca sung in loud & clear Portuguese! Toda de brincos redondos! From Cereti to Museu Serralves park. Brazilain ghetto electro art for those who enjoy dancing, sexual politics and MCing!

Slum Dunk dj set in Miami with Tetine at M3 Summit! ( March 2005)

Do the dance! Two hour long Funk Carioca DJ set Ro celebrate the release of Slum Dunk Presnets Funk Carioca Mixed by Tetine in the US. This is pretty much the first Funk Carioca action to take place in Miami....

Slum Dunk presents Funk Carioca @ Frieze Art Fair (Out 2004)

Pre-launch of Slum Dunk presents Funk Carioca mixed by Tetine live at Frieze Art Fair in London on Resonance Fm studio.

Bonde do Tetão at Sonar/ São Paulo ( Sept 2004)

Electrofunk carioca, Miami Bass and avant hip hop! Tetine perform the whole Bonde do Tetão (Bizarre Records) in sequence live at Sonar in São Paulo.

Turkish Bath (2004) Sonarama/São Paulo

Turkish Bath is an installation made up of four large scale projection of men having a shower with realtime audio and original soundtrack. Tetine perform in the galery space which is made into a hot sauna with essences, white towels and smoking machines. Here Tetine play a baile funk set at Sonar SP.

Men In Uniform live at RESFEST (2003/2004)

Electro-punk cabaret. Tetine play from Men In Uniform ...songs about American cowboys, Supermodels, sex in public spaces, narcissism....

She's Not A Girl Who Misses Much (2002/2003) - SOM, exhibition curated by Capacete Entretenimentos at Castelinho do Flamengo, Rio De Janeiro 2003

Four-screen sound installation on self-image. The viewer is invited to embark on a voyeuristic trip as pop lyrics describes hundreds of personas. These characters question the viewer's sense of privacy, permissiveness, ridicule and self-exposure. Commissioned by Bolsa Vitae de Artes.

Samba de Monalisa (2002/2003

Live sound art installation based on Sophie Calle and Greg Sheppard's highly acclaimed film 'No Sex Last Night'. 'Male and female voices offering intimate insights into the directionless, inertial flow of their relationship. (Wire, June 2002)

Tetine: The Politics of Self-Indulgence at WHITECHAPEL GALLERY, London ( 2002)

An agitational baroque investigation into self-indulgence that turns the phrase on its head through a programme of film, video and live music co-curated by Tetine with Ian White at The Whitechapel Art Gallery.

Here She Is Again (2001), Sesc Pompeia, Sao Paulo

Double screen slide projections on cross dressing, intimacy, pleasure and domesticity made in collaboration with Brazilian photographer Rodrigo Novaes.
Public Life, London 2001

Learning to Relax - East End Collaboration, London 2001

An explicit self-image interactive performance piece based on wig wearing and the politics of feminine. A political journey through the ambiguous fields of self-pleasure, obscenity, ridicule, permissiveness and pornography. Come and judge it for yourself. Part of Tetine's performance series 'Mi casa es su casa!'

Living Room - East End Collaboration Plataform, London 2000

Dreamy and atmospheric soundscapes envelop Tetine's fictional and real story as a band (?), performance art duo (?), fearing the rise and fall of regional megastardom. Told in melodic English as a second language tone. Commissioned by Quen Mary University. Artists in Residency programme.

Verité - performed at Queen Mary University - London 2000

Cinema verité, performance verité on the subjects of immigration, passports, forgery, robbery and bureaucracy. Staged as a shameless lyrical 'pocket opera'. Commissioned by SESC São Paulo, Verité toured over 20 cities around Brazil. To watch videos click: 1, 2, 3, 4

Música De Amor-Love Songs - Videobrasil (1998) Sesc Pompeia (1999), Sao Paulo

Electronic opera meets Rio's Carnival and Brazil’s Presidents for a sensorial and cinematic experience. Starring transexual Margaret and her producer/ boyfriend Bill, respectively alter- egos of Eliete and Bruno and special guest Lola St Martin. Commissioned by XII Festival Videobrasil - Electronic Arts International Festival (1999).

photo Denise Adams

Sala de Estar - performed at Mundao (1999)

Brazilian legendary rocker transvestite Claudia Wonder joins force with Tetine to create a passional spoken word piece about broken identities.

photo Marcelo Andreotti

Eletrobrecht - Sesc Pompeia, Videobrasil (1997)

Live sound art performance for electronics, grand piano and digitally modified voices based on Brecht's 'Setsuan's Good Soul' re-written freely by Tetine. USA 'princes' John, Nixon and George go to Setsuan for new enterprises, sex and silent exploitation. Commissioned by SESC São Paulo, 1997. Eletrobrecht toured over 20 cities around Brazil.

photo Denise Adams

Uma Benção - A Blessing - Babel, Sesc SP (1997)

Environmental performance/installation. A tribute to Brazilian performance's pioneers Hélio Oiticica and Lygia Clark. A re-enact of 'Baba Antropofagica'. The public is invited to a tropical tent to mummify Eliete's body with coloured threads.

photo Denise Adams

Alexander's Grave - performed at Sesc SP, Babel and various other venues, Sao Paulo (1995, 1996)

Performance based on Tetine's first album Alexander 's Grave. Overwhelmingly atonal punk atack .on the subjects of AIDS, slander, love and schizophrenia . One of Tetine's most personal works.

photo Denise Adams