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March 15 >> Tetine play Goethe Institute in Munich, Germany.

Tetine play their live sound-art performance Samba de Monalisa made in collaboration with French artist Sophie Calle at the Forum-Praktikant for the Goethe Institute in Munich, Germany.

For more info and tickets: ++ 49 54 81 81 81 www.goethe.de


March 13 >> Tetine live in Italy

Tetine live at Notte Vidal in Bologna, Italy. The show includes brand new tracks from Men in Uniform, Tetine's limited edition LP to be released on Bizarre Records.

For more info: www.nottevidal.it


Tetine vs Sophie Calle (Sulphur Records 2002) is currently available on Sulphur.
For more info: www.sulphurrecords.co.uk

Samba de Monalisa presents spoken narratives, electronic sambas and atmospheric melodies fused with film, imagery and video. Created from an original musical score by Tetine and samples taken from Sophie Calles movies Double Blind and No Sex Last Night, Tetine reworked the narratives into 12 new tracks to complete the album Samba de Monalisa.


Feb 28, March 7 >> Tetine play Foundry's Late Breakfast Show through Resonance FM.A Live East End discussion on neglected or forgotten subjects with music, song & poetry. Lubricating the taste buds into action for the looming lunchtime listeners. Broadcasting live every Friday from the Foundry, 84 Great Easter Street EC2.

For more info: resonancefm.com


Feb 11 >> Dream Wedding. Live performance on the subject of Marriage. Bromley Public Hall. London E2

Ready to take a chance again video-performance, 3 min.


In Progress...

Tetine is also currently soundtracking Winterspace. A performance /interactive installation by Igloo.
"A snowy installation during the day gives way to a star spangled performance during the evening. Heavenly effects subtly transform the venue to create an interstellar frozen wonderland every night. Winterspace features a specially commissioned soundtrack by Tetine alongside invited performers & video projected special effects. Optical sleight of hand enables the performers to appear as if they are made of stars. This abstract costuming ensures that the viewers can concentrate on the languid and expressive movement of the choreography. Both the design and choreography are inspired by snowfields and starfields."

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