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Nov 10 >> New video Music for Breathing

We are please to announce Tetine's new video for the track Music For Breathing taken from the album After the Future ( Slum Dunk 2023). A dreamy electro-acoustic meditation for cello, treated voices, electronics, and organ, dedicated to our planetary ecosystem in erosion.  Conceived by Eliete Mejorado, the video is an ode to Earth’s ancestral future as the only possible future. One that was already here: a non-human cosmic, forested and aquatic inherited future moved by the movement of rivers, trees, the stars, insects, birds, plants, landscapes, stones, light, the sky, and the sun. A slow piece about electricity in the form of a poetic allegory against the centrality of humans and capitalism as the mufflers of other presences. Music For Breathing dwells on such complex relationships motivated by a strong desire for collective change, a shift towards a greater understanding of the cosmos without the need to produce for ‘progress’.

Nov 3 >> Music for Btreathing / Spaced out in Paradise (single release)
Music For Breathing / Spaced Out in Paradise A 2 track electronic single (9m 55s) - taken from the album After The Future (Slum Dunk 2023). Buy it HERE
Sep 2 >> Tetine live at Dash the Henge record store

We're happy to announce Tetine will be doing a in-store performance at the glorious Dash The Henge record shop in Camberwell, South London at 5 pm. We'll be playing music from distinct phases. Expect mutant dark sambas of love, lust and death + punk funk and other tropicalities (it is a 100% lickable).

Info: Tetine at Dash The Henge, 5 pm - 328 New Camberwell Road, London SE5 0W (Free entry)

Aug 10 >> Tetine + No Porn + Kaap at Moth Club

An evening with No Porn, Tetine and Kapp playing live at the Moth Club in Hackney Central. Expect delirio ao olhar pras cagarras, fumaça, mutant and sweaty electronics, punk funk, dark sambas, canto-falado and other ghostly bossas. Vivos e manchados de som em 2023.

Doors 7pm, Aug 10, Moth Club - Valette Street, London E9 6NU - Tickets £14

March 24 >> After The Future - out now!

We're happy to announce that Tetine's album After The Future is OUT TODAY and from now on available from all streaming platforms. After the Future derives from the vinyl Music For Breathing - a respiratory , meditative, and improvisatory piece of DIY 'tropical mutant punk chamber music' written for cello, voice, piano, organ and electronics. It was recoded during the intense period of heatwaves that hit London between July and August 2022. Buy it HERE

March 16 >> New video Spaced Out In Paradise
We're happy to share that Tetine's new video for the track "Spaced Out In Paradise"is out today! Watch it HERE
March 1st >> Music for Breathing - vinyl out now!

We're pleased to announce the release of Tetine's new 12' vinyl Music For Breathing - out today on Slum Dunk Music. A 5 track electronic / experimental / post-classical affair preceeding the release of a full album arriving later this month. In this release we're joined by cellist Yoko Afi who becomes a third member of the group and contriobutes with compositions, vocals and additional keyboards.

Dig it and you'll find music of great beauty. Available from all good shops. Supported by Help Musicians UK. Buy it HERE

July 16 >> Tetine in conversation with Karine Alexandrino as part of Stand up Tragedy
This Thursday July 16th, Tetine's Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado are in conversation with Brazilian anti-diva, mulher tombada, singer and performance artist Karine Alexandrino live from her instagram at 11 pm ( London time ) 7 pm (Brazil) as part of Alexandrino's Stand Up Tragedy. Expect frank, philosophical and amorous convesrations from past, present and future.
May 27 >> Re-release LET YOUR X'S BE Y'S

Slum Dunk Music are pleased to announce the re-release of Tetine’s album Let Your X’s Be Y’s - our first full album with British label Soul Jazz Records, originally released in 2008 and now fully remastered and reloaded. Featuring some of Tetine’s greatest cuts produced during their Soul Jazz years, Let Your X’s be Y's spans a collection of the duo’s singular underground micro-hits, including numbers such as “I go to the Doctor” featuring Deize Tigrona – the electro baile funk jaunt recorded in the early days of the then growing ghetto baile-bass wave that swept Europe in the beginning of 2000s ; through to the electronic landscapes of “Let The X be X”, “Mata Hari Voodoo”, “Everything Must Die”, “A História Da Garça” and “Slum Dunk”. The album also includes some of Tetine's raw and sexually-charged suspended electro funks such as “Ai Amor Me So Horny”, “Melô Do Carrão” and “Eu Tô Aberta”, as well as, tracks such as “You're the One”, “What A Gift to Get”, “Men In Uniform”, among others.

With the re-release of Let Your X’s be Y’s, Tetine hopes that a new generation of younger listeners will discover and be in contact with this album, considered by some as the duo's most intriguing output, and the album that made them known in the UK. In short, Let Your X's be Y's defines a particular effervescent sonic moment in the trajectory of Tetine, possessed with a strangely euphoric melancholy and visceral DIY bedroom pop rawness. Dig it and you will find music of great beauty.

May 21 >> The Art Of Fake News Exhibition at Rich Mix, London

The Art of Fake News Exhibition brings together a group of Latin American and European artists working across visual arts, film, performance and music. The group was created in 2019 with the aim of addressing the phenomenon and effect of fake news in our society, embracing cultural diversity in an aesthetic and ideological project that attempts to broaden the concept of fake news, the manipulation of the media and the declining of trust.

The exhibition includes pieces: Tetine, Marcos Chaves, Marcia Thompson, Karim Aïnouz, Tete Alencar, Ana Luiza Rodrigues, Flora McLean Mario Brandão, Sérgio Gurgel, Tim Garwood, Allison Jackson, Andrea Rocha, Liz Gorman, Luzia Simons amongst others.

Tetine will be showing two distinct pieces: Desossado (Boneless) and This is the Voice.

Boneless is a record of a specific place in which language collapses, communication and information lose their functions, sound and meaning do not correspond, ideas do not correspond to facts, facts do not correspond to contexts. The bone as the last degree of the structure, the loss of memory. The bone as the last voice or the lost voice. The last tissue, the rough, hard tissue, the removal of the flesh, the hard skin.

This is The Voice is a lo-fi/sci-fi electro-philosophical-pop video composed by both original and found footages. It explores the ills and existential, racial, social and political atrocities committed by hegemonic voices at the service of contemporary capitalism, and the continuation of the colonial project. Set in a precarious and apocalyptic near future in the form of a war game, Bruno and Yoko circulate - trapped as pieces of a game - between an
abandoned public office, and an area contaminated by radioactivity.

Dec 4 >> R. Mutt Konkret Dance 1986-89 - out on Slum Dunk Music

We are happy to announce the release of R. Mutt's lost first album Konkret Dance 1986-89 on Slum Dunk Music in Dec 4. R.Mutt was a post punk / electronic quartet from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Formed in 1986 by Tetine's Bruno Verner with Karla Xavier (AKT), Bernardo Renno (also on Ida & Os Voltas) and Marcos Basho. Since last June we have been recovering this material from the group that now appears in a first volume featuring a collection of 15 tracks taken from their only two cassette tapes, respectively titled 1 & 2. Konkret Dance is melancholic, lo-fi electronic, dub-industrial, goth punk and cosmic.

The album is officially out on Dec 4th and is available on streaming platfoms followed by a limited edition vinyl and a cassette tape. More info to come soon!

August 10 & 11 >> The Ether - Prelude No.1 at Pink Umbrellas Art Residency

The Ether – Prelude No.1 by Tetine & Yoko Afi

The Ether is a reflective sonic-aphasic (dis)rhythmic meditation in the form of a prelude (for cello, dance, waste, air, wind, body and breathing). The piece comprises of 7 distinct yet complementary slow movements that explore the atmospherics and metaphysics of untamed syntaxes of time, space, voice, rhythm and breathing. The prelude speaks of stillness, becomings, luminosities, value, respiration, and body fluids, as it investigates the ghostly  presences/absences manifested in the landscape through sound, dance, gesture and silence - whilst responding to the secret ontologies of inanimate objects, architectures, the politics of dreams as well as, the echoes and ethics of the modes of operating things. Conceived as an ode to the poetics of slowness, suspension, divinity, unfitness and wait, The Ether echoes the uncapturable, and echoes Tetine's recurrent and unconditional love for Beckett’s philosophical theatrics of existence, un-communicability and non-performance.

The Ether – Prelude No. 1 (in 7 movements)
By Tetine and Yoko Afi

1. Prologue
2. Aphasia, waste and pine
3. The Air is The Same
4. Disritimia (Un) clock
5. My boots don’t fit, my feet hurt
6. San Sebastian Doll
7. They Call Us for An Encore

Original music: Yoko Afi and Tetine
Cello, trumpet, voice: Yoko Afi
Piano, voice, dance: Bruno Verner
Electronics, sampling, editing and fx: Eliete Mejorado

June 26 / July 3 >> Tetine takes part on Sarau Dodalobela

Sarau Dodalobela is an homage to poet/musician Marcelo Dolabela (1957-2020), friend and collaborator on the Brazilian post-punk group Divergência Socialista in the 1980s. More than 30 poets/musicians will be performing, reading and talking about his legacy. Side A: (26/06) at 8 pm (Brazil) and midnight from the UK. Side B: (03/07) at 8 pm (Brazil) and midnight from the UK.

Bruno Verner on piano & vocals and Yoko Afi on cello & vocals + Eliete Mejorado on vox

Jun 18 >> It's a Brotherhood (Lockdown recordings)

New video for our lockdown recordings. Watch an acoustic version for piano, cello and vocals of It's A Brotherhood, track taken from the album From A Forest Near You (Slum Dunk 2010)

Bruno Verner on piano & vocals and Yoko Afi on cello & vocals + Eliete Mejorado on vox

Watch it Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-JPiocSA3A

May 28 >> Animal Numeral (Lockdown recordings)

Second video for Tetine's lockdown recordings - an acoustic version of the song Animal Numeral, taken from the album of Animal Numeral (Slum Dunk Music, 2019).

Bruno Verner on piano + vox and Yoko Afi on cello + vocals

Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1mIR9NSl4E

April 5 >> Lilith Lunaire (Divergencia Socialista)

We've been re-recording a number of songs acustically during the lockdown. This is 'Lilith Lunaire', a dark tropical-minimal love song written sometime in 1988 with my dear late friend and collaborator Marcelo Dolabela (1957-2020) for the Brazilian post punk group Divergência Socialista - originally released on a cassette tape of the same name. 
This song was also one of Divergência Socialista’s tracks that Bruno Verner has never stopped playing over the years, and it belongs to a period in which theywrote many angular and experimental electronic songs of love and loss (many of these songs remaining only on rehearsal tapes ... or else on memory itself).

Bruno Verner on piano + vox and Yoko Afi on cello + vocals

Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUyw0Zpfkik

Jan 17 >> Tetine live at For K-Punk 2020 in celebration of Mark Fisher

Tetine will be playing live at this year’s For K-Punk 2020 alongside a great lineup at Goldsmiths SU. All welcome! - further info below.

Join us on Friday 17th January 2020 for a night of music celebrating the memory of the late Mark Fisher. Carving out a trajectory from popmod post-punk into the not so distant future, we will be thinking Mark’s work as a dancefloor, bringing you a mixture of live acts and DJs, affirming what Simon Reynolds describes as “the power that music has held out for successive generations, and the challenge of activating music’s promise in the world beyond.”


Goldsmiths Students Union: Dixon Road SE14 6NW, next to Goldsmiths University. The venue has a capacity of 400 and is wheelchair accessible. 10PM – 3AM FREE

Dec 9 >> Tetine DJ set at Tasty Bakery (Jamaica Taste) for K-Punk Fundraiser

Tetine will be DJing at Tasty Bakery in Peckham in celebration of Mark Fisher.

Friday 6th Dec from 10 pm - 4 am. £5, Tasty Bakery: 207 Rye Lane, Peckham. London SE15 4TP

Oct 11 >> Release of Animal Numeral, Tetine's latest record on Slum Dunk Music.
We're happy to announce the release of Tetine's 20th album Animal Numeral featuring a collection of discordant electronic pop, dark sambas and spoken word pieces produced by Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado during the first semester of 2019 in Hackney. Available at good shops from October 11th.
Sep 6 >> Tetine vs Pasolini - The Baron, The Bishop, The Judge, The President and The Relative
Pleased to announce the release of Tetine Vs Pasolini's The Baron, The Bishop, The Judge, The President and The Relative. The album features the register of the musical pieces composed for the homonymous performance. Availbale in all good shops.
July 7 >> Anti Fascismo Tropical at Queen Adeleide of Cambridge Heath, London

White Cubicle Toilette Gallery presents ANTI FASCISMO TROPICAL at The Queen Adeleide of Cambridge Heath - an art exhibition featuring works by Tetine, Gabe Passarelli, Anderson Borba, Antonio Tarsis & Vanessa da Silva - organized by Pablo Leon de La Barra.

From 7 pm at The Queen Adeleide of Cambridge Heath at Hackney Road

July 5 - 12 >> Shaft Abre Caminho Palo Santo, Set Studios, Dalston, London
The anti-sacred mutant tropical punk-funk aesthetics of Tetine (Bruno Verner + Eliete Mejorado) as hairy hydras who do not spell ‘A. R. T.’ - for poetic reasons many will understand one day, bring you what (they)-(we) have been calling SHAFT ABRE CAMINHO PALO SANTO, an experiment, a no-show shout, a moment, a shellshock in the form of an ancestral cosmic futuristic weekender, or better, an anti-pompous sculptural-textual-sonic exhibit/elixir taking place at SET DALSTON on 5th of July from 6 pm – 10pm.On view until July 12th.
June 16, 18, 20 >> Première of Eletronica:Mentes - a film by Dácio Pinheiro, Paulo Beto & Denis Giacobelis on the development of electronic music in Brazil and its unfoldings, São Paulo, Brazil

Première of Eletronica:Mentes - a film by Dácio Pinheiro, Paulo Beto & Denis Giacobelis on the development of electronic music in Brazil and its unfoldings - featuring the work of Jocy de Oliveira, Jorge Antunes, Dino Vicente, Apolo 9, Anvil Fx, Tetine, Rakta, Arthur Jolly, Juliana R, Akira S, Tony Da Gatorra, Eloi Chiqueto, Boss in Drama, Fronte Violeta, The Radio Droids amongst many others great artists.

When: June 16 at In-Edit Brasil
showing at Spcine Olido: 16/06 – 16h
- Z Largo da Batata: 18/06 – 21h | Sessão seguida de show, às 22h30. - Cine Matilha: 20/06 – 20h

June 5 >> Outsiders - Glits Annual Interdiciplinary Conference, Goldsmiths University, London

Bruno Verner takes part in a panel on Representation Of Otherness and presented the paper Futuro Negro - Underground Post Punk, Death Sambas and Other Tropical Transitions.

Free entry - 16:15 to 17:45 (RHB 309)

May11>> The Uses Of Music Knoledge, Goldsmiths University, London

Bruno Verner talks anti music politics and other underground futurities as part of the conference: "The Uses Of The Music Knoledge" organised by Goldsmiths Popular Music Research.

Free entry - from 10 to 6pm

April 13 - 22nd >> Tetine is part of 3°Ato: O Verso at Museu do Louvre Pau-Brazyl, São Paulo, Brazil

Tetine are delighted to be part in the collective exhibition 3° Ato: O Verso, orchestrated by the glorious museu do louvre pau-brazyl, opening on April 13th at 4:30pm and running until April 22nd with actions spread throughout the back of the Louvre, Copan and São Luiz Plaza buildings. If you are in Sao Paulo, do not miss it! Tetine will be exhibiting Todas as Manhãs do Mundo, Wild is the Wind (to be seen from Louvre, São Luiz Plaza and Copan) Todas as Mulheres do Mundo and Sobre O Vento (to be seen from Copan's Rua Particular).

With/ Alessandra Domingues, Gray, Eleonora Fabiao, FOLHA D PAU-BRAZYL, Francis Wilker, Laura Belém, Lawrence Weiner, Ludovica Carbotta, P.Ardid, Pia Eikaas, Pontogor, Sandra Gamarra and Tetine [Eliete Mejorado & Bruno Verner]. Curated by Jessica Varrichio and Guilherme Giufrida.

The third act has as its gravitational nucleus a vacant lot located at Rua da Consolação 268, in the middle of the verses of the Louvre, Copan and São Luiz Plaza buildings. The empty lot acts as a stage for an arena theatre, a coliseum, where the grandstand is formed by around 2,000 windows that look at each other daily.

Mar 27th >> Bruno Verner & Eliete Mejorado introduce Tranny Fag [ Bixa Travesty] as part of Counterfied at Goldsmiths University, London

Tetine introduce and discuss Tranny Fag (Bicha Travesty) - a film by Claudia Priscilla and Kiko Goiffman on the trajectory and body/sonic politics of performance artists/musicians Linn Da Quebrada and Jup do Bairro.

Free / but limited places. Location: Ben Pimlott Building: 2pm-4pm, Goldsmiths University.

Mar 22nd - 24th >> Tetine show The 4th World / An Animal with The Demand To Make Choice at Art Film Screening [The Alternative Art School Weekender] at Ugly Duck, London

Our film-essay The 4th World - An Animal With The Demand To Make Choices is being shown at The Alternative Art School Weekender at the Ugly Duck from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th. Private View -Friday 6pm - 10pm

Ugly Duck: 49Tanner st, London SE1 3PL

Mar 7th >> Tetine live at Shakelewell Arms, London

1234 Presents: Tetine, Voodoo Rays and Fake Turins live at The Shaclewell Arms

The Shacklewell Arms - 71 Shacklewell Lane, London E8 2EB - FREE / Doors open 7:30

FEB 15TH & 26TH >> Performing Rituals - Tetine talks at London College of Comunications in London, UK

Eliete Mejorado and Bruno Verner talkabout mprovisation, construction and chance through ritualistic processes at London College of Comminications.

15 Feb: 10:00 - 13:0 / / / 26 Feb: 10:00 - 13:00

Jan 26th >> Tetine takes part of the exhibition Rock-a-Bye Bivalve in Sheffield, UK

This is an exhibition organized by SOTD (School of The Danmed) and Delicious Clam Records in Sheffield. Tetine's video/spoken word piece Painted Baby is part of the programme.

Exchange Street, S2 5TS, Sheffield, 8pm


Nov 19 >> Brazilian Post-Punk DJ Set by Bruno Verner for CHASE Encounters at The Barbican, London

This DJ set will be based on a selection of overlooked Brazilian music spanning from Tropicalismo to Post-Punk, including Funk Carioca, Dark-Sambas and other uncategorised genres. Bruno Verner is currently a PhD researcher in the Department of Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths.

Green Room at The Barbican Centre, From 21:00 to 22:30

Nov 17 >> Tetine performs at Monalisa Pecado em Dobro party, Academia De Dança Orfeu, São Paulo, Brazil

For those who still do not know who is Maria Martins Padilha de monônimo a.k.a. MONALISA sin in double here goes to minibio: this is the warm track of the financial resistance of the artistic-curatorial project of the Louvre Pau-Brazyl Museum. It's a charity party, the cash is destined for the activities of the museum... breathing in the gaps, with breath of marathon lionesses we make exhibitions, publish books and have a program of resonances. check it here: https://www.louvrepaubrazyl.org/

The shamanic witch Eliete Mejorado (Tetine) invites Pedro Alexandre Sanches for a sleepless night of dark samba, menstruated post-punk and pains of love. Featuring also artists Liana Padilha (NoPorn and TintaPreta) and  Bruno Mendonça (Boca de Cabelo) in this poetic macumba. And to compose this bastard magic our beloved lovers Jjoão Paes, PI and ACAPTCHA promise to hypnotize all the insurgent bodies.

Where: Orfeu Bar and Restaurant, Ipiranga Avenue, 318 Block A, Republic, São Paulo-SP. Price: R$30,00

Nov 16 >> Sobre O Vento / Wild Is The Wind - workshop action led by Eliete Mejorado at Casa 1 as part of Rehearsal of the Third Act , Museu do Louvre do Pau Brazyl in São Paulo

About the Wind / Wild is a workshop-conversation-action on the distinct senses of the Wind. For making & flying kites. This is a workshop about the air. About Iansãn.  About the Orixás. About deities. About breathing. About ridding the body of hate. On the music of the wind. From asthma to hurricane. From breeze to panic. From the land and the soil to the forces of Capital. About direction. About motion. In our breath, in our speech. On the Champs Elysées. A workshop on breathing, meditation - to feel the air, the wind and the breath together with the children from Casa 1.

Nov 15 - 22 >> Tetine takes part in the 3rd act of Musem Louvre Pau Brazyl in São Paulo

The Louvre Pau-Brazyl Museum is in its 3rd act, which proposes the radical inversion of the facade of the Louvre. Less real estate advertising campaign and more rear windows and hidden maintenances. For this, we will use an empty lot in the middle of the verses of the Louvre, Copan and São Luiz Plaza buildings as the stage of our activities - our arena theatre, our Latin American Coliseum.

Now in November we will rehearse this drama 3rd act, this tragedy 3rd act, This vaudeville 3rd act and House 1 hosted part of our program in its cultural center. The Louvre Pau-Brazyl Museum and Casa 1 are also joining in this moment to expand this network of affections and protections between the neighbourhoods of Bixiga and República. Casa 1 is a center of culture and welcoming to the LGBT+ community.

This rehearsal is comprised of : Alessandra Domingues, Bruno Oliveira, Denis Joelsons, Eliete Mejorado, Francis Wilker, Guilherme Giufrida, Jéssica Varrichio, João Turchi, Jjoão Paes, Iran Giusti, Lu Mugayar, Ludovica Carbotta, Paula Nishida, Pontogor and Renato Jacques.

More Info: https://www.louvrepaubrazyl.org/

Nov 8 >> OUT NOW "DES NORTEIA" - Tetine's new release on K7 tape
We're happy to announce the release of DES NORTEIA in cassette tape. This has been just launched by 55SP gallery in São Paulo. DES NORTEIA features a selection of unusual booty queer funks with mutant Miami Bass, electro-raps and some tropical abstraction. Including tracks such as "Zero Zero Cinco Cinco" (Se Vende), "L.I.C.K My Favela", "Oh Me Horny Oh Nite", "Eu Tô em Chamas" amongst other micro hits. Produced as limited edition piece and available from 55SP.
June 26 & 27 >> Tetine vs Pasolini - The Baron, The Bishop, The Judge, The President and The Relative live at SESC Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil

TETINE vs PASOLINI: The Baron, The Bishop, The Judge, The President and The Relative - live in São Paulo. 2018. Written by Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado. Vocals, electronics and found sounds - Eliete Mejorado / Vocals, electronics, synths - Bruno Verner / Dancer: Guilherme Morais.

June 13 >> Tetine talks I'm Ugly But Trendy by Denise Garcia

As part of the programme of Counterfield publications, Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado present a listening / film session on the sounds of Funk Carioca a k a Baile Funk - the intense lo-down Brazilian funk sound culture from Rio's favela parties. I’m Ugly But Trendy a film by Denise Garcia looks at women’s participation in the Funk Carioca scene with a post-feminist take on the usual male-dominated 'bass debate'. Featuring frank conversations and rare live footage from the greatest funk stars. Featuring Deize Tigrona, Tati Quebra Barraco, Vanessinha Do Picachu amongst others, the film traces the origins of Rio’s 'funk sensual’ scene of the early 2000’s from the point of view of female funkers (MCs, dancers, funkeiras) who are also mothers, lovers, wives, students and workers. We are also having post screening Q & A with Tetine.

Where: Media and Communications Building screen 2, Goldsmiths Univesity

May 28 >> An Island of Disparity - Summer Screening Series, Goldsmiths University of London

Tetine introduces Terra em Transe (Land in Anguish ) by Brazilian Cinema Novo legend Glauber Rocha as part of An Island of Disparity - Summer Screening Series at Goldsmiths. An Island of Disparity brings different perspectives and points of view together, in a quest to survey a space of heterogeneity. The platform is a weekly informal movie and snacks during the summer term led by/for Goldsmiths postgraduate students from different departments. Every week a postgraduate researcher is invited to share a film in relation to his/her research. The programme asks and intents to reflect on the role and position of Goldsmiths through research students, on institutional and social issues affecting minorities. 

An Island of Disparity aims to establish a safe space to question traditional academic stances through artistic and experimental approaches. As a result it stimulates cross-disciplinary exchange of perspectives between postgraduates by presenting films from the “Global South” (with English subtitles) and disseminate research around subaltern subjects.

7 pm to 10 pm, room 10 43 Lewisham Way. MARs Research Hub, Screening Room. London SE14 6NW 

April 28 >> Live transmission of NO MEIO DESSAS BANANAS / GOD or DOG from London

To mark the release of Tetine's new vinyl No Meio dessas Bananas / God or Dog? Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado will present a sonic action in the form of a live transmission involving the manipulation of tapes, voices, found sounds and electronics. The piece will be live broadcated online at midnight London time

April 28 >> 55SP launches a limited edition of Tetine's new vinyl NO MEIO DESSAS BANANAS / GOD or DOG? in São Paulo, Brazil

No Meio Dessas Bananas / God or Dog is an audio sculpture conceived as a sonic monetary coin in the form of a 12' inch vinyl record. It features the song O Bandido on Side A and a print of One Cruzado Novo on side B. 55SP galerry in Sao Paulo is launching a limited edition of 15 vynils with a series of 5 separte insert-poems.

Exhibition opening: April 28 - 55 SP Rua Barao de Tatui 377, Santa Cecilia, São Paulo.

Mar 2 >> Bruno Verner talks at Reasearching Popular Music, Goldsmiths Univesity of London

Bruno Verner talks about Tropical Tapes at Researching Popular Music Conference: methods, debates, publics. Goldsmiths University of London, March 2 & 3 >> 10 am - 5 pm

Feb 16 >> Bruno Verner releases Film Tapes [1991-1995] on Slum Dunk Music

Film Tapes [1991-1995] is a collection of eight experimental pieces composed for film and video works. Written by Bruno Verner of Brazilian duo Tetine as he lived in São Paulo in the early 1990, these pieces were produced in an old four-channel Tascan tape-recorder in an improvised home studio, set up in the living room of flat-share in downtown São Paulo.

Extracted from cassette tapes, these tracks were inspired by the humid climate and the concrete dystopian architecture of São Paulo's city centre. They are mostly tense, discordant and melodic (ambient) soundscapes, developed around rhythm & repetition structures and building orchestral sonorities in conjunction with impressionistic, chromatic and atonal motives.

These pieces were also autobiographical impressions of the city's social architecture and its space (and time). In other words, an attempt to sonically 'translate' its viaducts and overpasses, street vendors, register offices, sex saunas, bars and clubs, bus terminals, modernist buildings, parks and old departments stores. This is made by a combination of electronics, cello, piano, trumpets, saxophones, flute and organ.

Jan 12 >> Tetine release Colt 45 - Underground Post Punk, Tropical Tapes, Lo-Fi Electronics And Other Sounds From Brazil (1983-1993) on Slum Dunk Music

COLT 45 - Underground Post Punk, Tropical Tapes, Lo-Fi Electronics and Other Sounds from Brazil (1983-1993) is a new compilation of unorthodox Brazilian post punk underground sounds, featuring original music produced between 1983 and 1993 by iconic and obscure bands such as Divergência Socialista, R. Mutt, Saara Saara, Vyzadoq Moe, City Limits, Individual Industry, Harry, Ida & Os Voltas and O Grito Mudo.

Born out of the Slum Dunk radio sessions – hosted by Bruno Verner& Eliete Mejorado of Tetine, aired on Resonance Fm 104.4 in London from 2002 to 2008 - COLT 45 - Underground Post Punk, Tropical Tapes, Lo-Fi Electronics and Other Sounds from Brazil (1983-1993) gives continuity to previous efforts to document the lost history of Brazilian post-punk and electronic music from compilations such as The Sexual Life of The Savages, Underground Post Punk from São Paulo  (Soul Jazz Records 2005) and Slum Dunk Presents Uncorrupted Tropical Wave1984-2011 (Slum Dunk Music 2011) both records compiled by Tetine.

This album explores an experimental post-tropicalist sensibility emerged in the early 80's with the arrival of independent art scenes in key Brazilian cities. Including 18 rare cuts taken from self-released cassette tapes, hard-to-find & out of print LPs, as well as unpublished archival material, COLT 45 features a collection of moody post punk, samba-noise, early synth-pop, dark disco-not-disco, new wave, tropical industrialism, electro-cabaret, cold wave and marginal poetry.

7 Dec >> Tetine at the celebrations of 20 years of The People's Palace Project at Queen Mary University Of London
Tetine will be playing from Queer And Mutant Punk Funk as part of the celebrations of 20 years of The People's Palace project at Queen Mary University of London. 9 pm.
14 July >> TETINE live @ Moth Club, London

Tetine live at Hackney's Moth Club in London playing a set of foreign booty/goth mutant funks with accent to celebrate our friends Meatraffle's new release "brother".

The Moth Club - Old Trades Hall, Valette Street, London, E9 6NU. From 8pm.

25 June >> Tetine DJ set @ The Queen Adelaide Of Cambridge Heath
15 June >> Bruno Verner talks at 'Against The Cancellation of The Future' conference at Goldsmiths University
Bruno Verner talks Brazilian Post punk and Death Sambas at 'Against The Cancellation of The Future' conference at Goldsmiths University. 4 pm at Ian GullandTheatre,New Acdemic Builiding, London SE14 6NW (Free etntrance)
6 & 30 April >> The Queen Adelaide Of Cambridge Heath
17 April >> REVOLUTION IS MY BOYFRIEND - new Tetine's video

We're happy to announce Tetine's new video. Revolution Is My Boyfriend is an industrial-death samba and a psychic walk through 'public and virtual' landscapes. As the numbers keep running: outdated memories of the present, past and future. Becoming animal or the snobbery of memory? Language collapses. As we walk, we fall. As we talk, we forget.

Track taken from the album Queer & Mutant Funk Cuts (2000-2005). Originally recorded in 2004 and written after watching The Raspberry Reich by Canadian filmmaker Bruce La Bruce from which the song takes its title.

17 Feb >> The Queen Adelaide Of Cambridge Heath
9 Dec >> Queer & Mutant Funk Cuts (2000/2005) - Tetine's new album

QUEER AND MUTANT FUNK CUTS (2000-2005) is a new record by Tetine.The album features 13 sexually-charged mutant queer electro-funks sang in Portuguese and English, with tracks recorded between 2000 and 2005 when Tetine relocated to London from São Paulo.

Featuring Tetine’s bedroom booty queer Funk Carioca / Baile Funk cuts and produced before the hype Baile Funk experienced in Europe and America in the mid 2000’s, these tracks represent earlier forms of marginal Latin ghetto electro and are also a love declaration to Brazilian underground scenes Bruno Verner & Eliete Mejorado championed endlessly through their radio show Slum Dunk broadcasted on Resonance Fm, and later on through the pioneering mixtape Slum Dunk Presents Funk Carioca Mixed by Tetine, released on Mr Bongo in 2004 - the first Baile Funk album to be released in Europe - influencing an entire new generation of young artists such as M.I.A and Diplo at the time.

Tetine’s QUEER AND MUTANT FUNK CUTS is an experimental dance album which mix funk carioca beats with electro, industrial, synth pop and Miami bass. The record includes Tetine’s heavily bass-driven numbers such as underground micro hit “L.I.C.K My Favela”, politically-charged anarcho funks such as Zero Zero Cinco Cinco (Se Vende) a.k.a Tu so Quer Colonizar (You Just Want to Colonize) in conjunction with dirty electro-funks such as Melô Do Italiano (The Italian’s montage), Melô Do Estudante (The Student’s Montage), Ele é Loiro (He’s Blonde) or 55. Lyrically, Tetine evoke a quirk collection of sexualized urban landscapes as they rap and sing about sex in public parks, betrayals, porn cinemas in downtown São Paulo in tales involving cars, policemen, council flats, dark staircases, saunas, clubs, lifts and stereotyped encounters with bearded Italians, blondie Germans, Turkish lovers and Brazilian footballers.

Crude, political, queer, brutal and melancholic Latin ghetto electro cuts for your hips and ears.

20 September >> PAINTED BABY (SELF SERVICE) - a video from TETINE'S 53 DIAMNONDS album

Painted Baby (Self-Service) is an experimental video/spoken-word piece concerned with the relationship between memory, voice, physicality and the ontology of the “outside” and the “underground” as spaces of exceedance of languages, chance, eeriness and resistance. A young girl and a woman are interconnected in different temporalities. The video examines a constellation of rites of passages and confronts forms of physicality, dance, fear, innocence, sexuality and child exploitation.

15 September >> POST PUNK THEN AND NOW

We're happy to announce the release of "Post Punk Then and Now" edited by Gavin Butt, Mark Fisher & Kodwo Eshun out now on Repeater Books. TETINE contributed with a chapter 40 Degrees in Black - TETINE in conversation with Gavin Butt. We talk Brazilian post punk, DIY tropical politics then and now, Tetine's trajectory, Slum Dunk radio, Funk Carioca & other stories! Look out for it - the book also feat. superb reflections by Gavin Butt, Sue Clayton, Kdowo Eshun, Mark Fisher, Green Gartside, Dominc Johnson, Lydia Lunch, Laura Oldfield-Ford, Tom Vague, Gee Vaucher and more...

18 August >> IF (ARE YOU STILL WITH ME?) - new Tetine's video
IF (ARE YOU STILL WITH ME?) is part of Tetine's soup opera project 53 Diamonds: A Collection of Blind Stories, Crimes, Falsos-Brilhantes and Other Poems. If she was never able to go shopping, exercise or cross the streets alone and if she suddenly doesn't need your company...
11 July >> Release 53 DIAMONDS on WET DANCE

We are happy to announce the release of Tetine’s spoken word album 53 DIAMONDS on Wet Dance Recordings. Composed, recorded and produced by Bruno Verner & Eliete Mejorado – and initially presented as a sound installation in São Paulo at Galeria Jacqueline Martins within the Glory Hole space curated by Bruno Mendonça - the record features a collection of electronic eerie sonic uncompressed landscapes and tales.

Comprised of 10 spacious, slow and atmospheric pieces for electronics, piano, fx and voices, these tracks can be listened both independently from each other or as an expanded narrative which functions as a soup opera. 53 DIAMONDS was written as a dark queer post-Marxist / post-internet fictional sonic critique on the vacuous world of art collectors, hegemonic cultural entrepreneurs, media moguls and other new colonialists.

The album acidly satirizes a series of superficial clichés by vocally dramatising forms of mindless consumerism, competitive behaviour, betrayal, submission, domination, the colonization of ‘capitalistic dreams’ and their relationship with questions of self-indulgence, expectation, use-value/exchange-value and panic. It also works as a satire of the old white elite and their self-important men and women.

Buy it here

2 July >> Tetine DJ set at Red Gallery

Tetine DJ set as part of LATA Street Culture Festival at Red Gallery in London.

Red Gallery - 1- 3 Rivingnton Street, EC2 A Tickets £12 - 11 pm

2 July >> Tetine presents i'm ugly But Trendy by Denise Garcia at Sound System Outernational

Bruno Vener & Eliete Mejorado introduce "I'm Ugly But Trendy" - a film by Denise Garcia (Brazil/Uk 59'm) at Goldsmiths University - 6 pm

Film showing: I’m Ugly but Trendy (Screen 1)
Bruno Verner & Eliete Mejorado (Tetine / Slum Dunk Music) introduce 'I’m Ugly But Trendy” - a film by Denise Garcia (Brazil/UK - 59 min) Rio de Janeiro is the stage for Funk Carioca culture - the intense lo-down Brazilian funk sound culture from Rio's favela parties (aka Baile Funk). "I’m Ugly But Trendy” looks at women’s participation in the Funk Carioca scene with a post-feminist take on the usual male-dominated 'bass debate'. Featuring frank conversations & rare live footage from the greatest funk stars in action such as Deize Tigrona, Tati Quebra Barraco, Vanessinha Do Picachu amongst others, the film traces the origins of Rio’s 'funk sensual’ scene of the early 2000’s from the point of view of female funkers (MCs, dancers, funkeiras) who are also mothers, lovers, wives, students and workers. Including post screening Q & A with Tetine.

2 July >> Sound System Outernational 2 at Goldsmiths University of London

This Saturday, June 2nd >> Unmissable if you are into sound system culture!

Tetine are happy to be part of the team of outernational curators who brought you Sound System Outernational 2, a whole day/night devoted to global sound system culture. Sound System Outernational is is a special event with speakers, workshops, films and sound system sessions from 12 noon to 3 am at Goldsmiths, University of London and The Armsham Arms. With contributions by Brian d'Aquino, Julian henriques, Bruno Verner, Eliete Mejorado, Leo Vidigal, Henrixi Sax, Sonjah N. Stanley, Lez Henry, Mikael Riley Soft Wax, Hylu, Joy White, Marcio Cruz, Nira Peliti, Enrico Bonadio, Jim Frieze, Odara Kadiegi, Feminine Hi Fi, Caya Sound, Federico Bocco, Liv Santos, Ras Muffet, WedoDub, Tetine, Bababoom Hi Fi, Deskareggae Soundsystem, and Manilio Calafrocampano - full program at: soundsystemouternational.wordpress.com

26 June >> The Queen Adelaide Of Cambridge Heath
9 June >> Tetine live at South London Gallery

Tetine are performing at South London Gallery at the opening of the exhibition "Under The Same Sun".

South London Gallery, 8 pm >> 65-67 Peckhan Road, London, SE5 8UH

26 May >> Premier of Tetine's piece"O Guarani" at TRAN(S)ARAU in Coimbra, Portugal

Tetine's new piece "O Guarani" premiers in Coimbra as part of the exibithionTRAN(S)ARAU - Do Pulso A Virilha.

at Pra- Kys-Tao , Rua Das Esteirinhas 201, Coimbra

12 May >> The Queen Adelaide Of Cambridge Heath
483 Hackney road, E2 9ED - 10 pm
10 March / 7 April >> DJ set at The Queen Adelaide Of Cambridge Heath
483 Hackney road, E2 9ED - 10 pm
21 Jan >> DJ set at The Queen Adelaide Of Cambridge Heath
483 Hackney road, E2 9ED - 10 pm
16 Jan >> Sound System Outernational - Sonic entanglements: Jamaica, Europe and Brazil

We're happy to announce Tetine are discussing the sound politics of Funk Carioca (the intense low down Miami Bass driven sound of Brazilian funk from Rio's favela parties - aka Baile Funk) as part of SOUND SYSTEM OUTERNATIONAL: Sonic Entanglements - Jamaica, Europe and Brazil - an all-day programme/symposium on Sound System Culture, taking place at Goldsmiths - check out the incredible line up and do COME!!

Jan 16th - 11am to 7pm + after party
Goldsmiths, University of London - St. James Hatcham Buliding (the Church) Lewisham Way,London SE14 6NW

Presented by Goldsmiths, University of London, Topology Research Unit, in association with Echoes Music Magazine and Sound System Culture.

21 Dec >> Release of "Dream Like a Baby" (The 4th World Cut) - free limited download
21 Nov >> Tetine at The School of The South - an afternoon of talks on Latin American Art at Studio Voltarie in South London

A discussion and three informal presentations by Juan Pedro Fabra Guemberena; Jaime Gili & Lucia Pizzani and Bruno Verner & Eliete Mejorado (Tetine).

Subjects for study include the pedagogical legacies of Torres-Garcia’s original ‘Escuela del Sur’ in 1970s Uruguay; modern art and contemporary political subjectivity in Venezuela, and Brazilian Post Punk and Tropical DIY culture.Followed by a discussion with Alessio Antoniolli, Tanya Barson and Mazuchelli on how Latin American art is represented through art institutional and curatorial practices, addressing the possibilities and limitations of international visibility.

Over time the term Latin American Art has accumulated different associations. It structures knowledge and shapes expectations, while at the same time being strategically appropriated or subverted by artists, curators, and critics. The aim of this day is not to debate the validity of the term ‘Latin American Art’ but rather to think about the meanings it has gained through past and present practices, and how this inherited category can be used or negotiated.

The School of the South: Lessons in Latin American Art
Convened by Sol Calero & Isobel Whitelegg

Places are FREE but due to high demand, booking is essential

Studio Voltaire (from 11 am - 4pm)
1a Nelson’s Row
London SW4 7JR

+44(0) 207 622 1294

13 Nov >> Tetine (live) + Meatraffle Trash Mouth Records DJ in Brixton’s Windmill

Expect a punk-funk night with trumpets, electronics and non-singers. We’ll be playing new music and stuff from In Loveland With You (2013), Tropical Punk (2010) and Let The X’s Be Y’s (2008)

Doors 8 pm
Entry £6 Entry Requirements: 18 +
22 Blenheim Gardens, Brixton, London, SW2 5BZ
21 Oct >> Tetine (DJ set) - George & The Dragon
14 Oct >> Tetine set at White Cubicle Draw A Flying Penis/Pussy with Princess Julia, Cozette McCreey and Adriano Costa
30 Sept >> Tetine (DJ set) - George & The Dragon
29 August >> Tetine live @ Gunners in London

Saturday experimental communist party with Meat Raffle, Tetine & Commie Faggots live at The Gunners.

204 Blackstoke Rd, London, N5 / 7:30 am -12

6 July >> Release of Cognitives Bugs / Mula
Cognitive Bugs / Mula by Tetine (Bruno Verner & Eliete Mejorado) is a passage-segment from Tetine's film "The 4th World" (An Animal With The Demand To Make Choices) 2015. 'Mula' is also song taken from the album "In Loveland With You" written by E. Mejorado, B. Verner & R. Domeneck
20 Jun >> Loveland & Joy in the soundtrack of TEMPORAMA - an exibition of Domninique Gonzales Foerster at MAM Rio De Janeiro

Dominique Gonzales-Foerster's TEMPORAMA exhibition - opening (June 20th from 3-5 pm) at MAM Rio De Janeiro. Tetine's songs "Loveland" & "Joy" are part of Dominique's soundtrack for the show.

17 Jun >> 19 July >> 26 August >> Tetine (DJ set) - George & The Dragon

1 April >> Release of DREAM LIKE A BABY video

DREAM LIKE A BABY is a philosophical-experimental-ecological sci-fi short film on the survivors of a dystopian fourth-world dominated by bugs and other pests. A recurring theme in Tetine’s work, the film is set in a near-future amid a post-global new order which is assimilated as a perpetual present. In this fourth world, we celebrate our personas in the form of ‘errant insects' - as we have been lately defining our performance pieces - and create an electronic spoken-word about post-Derridean cockroaches, future ecologies and new existential and political contaminations. DREAM LIKE A BABY is part of a larger project that we are currently developing: The Fourth Word Is Now / An Animal With The Demand to Make Choices. Watch this space for further info.

File under: tetine, sci-fi, DIY-film, dance, dystopia, insects, future ecologies, music, electronica, dark electro-rap, subcultures, cockroaches, bees, bugs.

Text and music: Bruno Verner / Eliete Mejorado
Production and direction: Tetine, 2015
Track originally released on the album "In Loveland With You" (Slum Dunk Music 2013).

17 Feb & 11 March >> Tetine dj set at George and the Dragon, London
10 Feb >>Opening exhibition at Galeria Jaqueline Martins - 53 Diamantes at Glory Hole, Raree Show, Sao Paulo ,Brazil

We're happy to announce Tetine's new piece 53 Diamantes: A collection of Black Stories, Crimes, Falsos-Brilhantes and Other Poems in exhibition at Galeria Jaqueline Martins (espaço Glory Hole, Raree Show 1) curated by Bruno Mendonça.

R. Dr Virgilio de Carvalho Pinto 74 - Mon-Fri 10 am/7pm, Sat 12 pm/5pm.

13 & 27 Jan >> Tetine dj set at George and the Dragon, London
10 Dec >> Tetine dj set at George and the Dragon, London
27 Nov >> Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado in conversation with Gavin Butt / 'Post-Punk Then and Now' at Goldsmiths University, London

‘Post Punk Then and Now’ autumn series, consisting of a series of lectures, in-conversations and film screenings exploring post-punk’s popular modernist search for the new in the very broadest of contexts. The series will take in the changing cultural and political conditions between the 1970s and the 21st century.

Richard Hoggard Building (RHB) 309 / 5-7 PM

Full Programme

October 2 - Gavin Butt, Kodwo Eshun & Mark Fisher: ‘Post-Punk Then and Now’
October 9 - Lydia Lunch in conversation with Dominic Johnson
October 16 - Gavin Butt: ‘Being in a Band’
October 23 - Agata Pyzik and Micha? Woli?ski in conversation with Gavin Butt
October 30 - Mark Fisher: 'Going Overground: Post-Punk between Populism and Popular Modernism'
13 November - Gee Vaucher and Laura Oldfield Ford in conversation with Mark Fisher
20 November - Green Gartside in conversation with Kodwo Eshun
27 November - Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado in conversation with Gavin Butt
4 December - Sue Clayton in conversation with Kodwo Eshun: ‘The Song of the Shirt’
11 December - Tom Vague: ‘Vague Post-Punk Memoirs’

The series will be accompanied by screenings of The Song of the Shirt (dir: Sue Clayton, 1979) and Radio On (dir: Chris Petit, 1979) …dates and times to be announced.

4 Nov >> Tetine dj set at George and the Dragon, London
27 Oct >> Re release Mrs Lennon on Itunes
We're happy to inform that Mrs Lennon - a tribute to the music of Yoko Ono curated by Discobertas have finally been released on Itunes. Tetine participate with the track Why - a free punk funk re-invention of Ono Plastic Band's experimental track released originally in 1971.
16 Oct >> Xerox eh Aqui & Tetine performing at White Cubicle - George and the Dragon, London

We are happy to invite to Xerox E Aqui - a night of expetrimental music & performance with Tetine and an instalation by Brazilian artist Hudnilson Jr. Expect a night of electronica, performance art, Inteligent dance music and free photocopies. Tetine playing from the repertoire of the album In Loveland With You, released on Slum Dunk in 2013.

8 pm -12
2 Hackney Rd

1 Oct >> Tetine dj set at George and the Dragon, London
25-28 Sept >> Tetine at Iván Navarro's & Hueso Records' The Music Room at NY Art Book @Fair MoMa PS1, NY, USA

Opening today at NY Art Book Fair @ MoMA PS1 - Iván Navarro & Hueso Records's The Music Room!

Some of Tetine's works can be found in The Music Room including Tropical Punk (limited ed 12'), The Red Book (rare copies - out of print), L.I.C.K My FAVELA 12', Let Your X's be Y's, In Loveland With You & more!
Among the many artists, musicians and artist non-musicians whose work is presented in The Music Room are New York-based Cecilia Vicuña, Rio-based Jarbas Lopes, London-based group Tetine, Chile-based Mario Navarro, and New York-based collective Angel Nevarez & Valerie Tevere. Finally, Hueso Records’ own publications will also be presented, among them vinyl releases of music by Alvaro Peña, Atom™, Tunde Adebimpe, and Leonino aka Jorge Gonzalez.

Opening Thursday September 25th from 6 to 9 pm. Room #‎S201 .

22-25 Jackson Ave. at the intersection of 46th Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11101

Free and open to the public:
Friday, September 26, 12–7 pm
Saturday, September 27, 11 am–9 pm
Sunday, September 28, 11 am–7 pm

19 Aug >> TETINE at Moody Brooding Hopeless boys - George and the Dragon, London

Performing at Moody Brooding Hopeless Boys - a male vocal experiment featuring songs by men who are moody, broody and hopeless.

COME & expect pop darkness from the men we love...
From 8 pm -12
2 Hackney Rd

26 July >> Tetine live in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

This is Not presents Dengue >> w/ a Tetine pocket show + duelo de vogue ***** voguing / waacking / free style / transvestism / pombagirismo & more

Matriz Casa Cultural: Rua Guajajas, 1353, Belo Horizonte. From 10 pm

19 July >> Tetine vs Jarbas Lopes, Festival Multiplicidade , Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tetine & Jarbas Lopes perform a set of experimental improvised electronic music & spoken word with elements of funk carioca, miami bass, crunk and post punk inside DEEGRAÇA (a penetrable tent made of funk carioca banners) at Festival Multiplicidade in Rio de Janeiro. Expect double riot and BASS.

The first collaboration of Tetine & Jarbas took place within the art exhibition 'Gambiarra' at Gasworks in London in 2003. Since then Tetine & Jarbas have been collaborating on a series of projects for a number of years. Other actions include collaborations between the artists for The Cisneiro Foundation in Miami in 2005 and more recently a re-enaction of 'Deegraça' performed live as part of the exhibitions 'Tudo É', curated by Andrea Lissoni and Alberto Salvadori and Caos & Efeito at Itau Cultural.

July 19th - 8pm at Oi Futuro Flamengo
Rua Dois de Dezembro, 63 – Flamengo
More Info here: Oi Futuro

17 July >> TETINE - In Loveland With You, SESC Vila Mariana, Sao Paulo, Brasil

We are happy to announce that Tetine are performing live in Sao Paulo at the theatre of SESC VILA MARIANA on July 17th. Expect an evening of dark sambas, post punk electronica, Tetine's films and other angularities. We'll be playing songs from our album In Loveland With You (Slum Dunk 2013) and there will be a few surprises as well.

In Loveland With You - Teatro do SESC VILA MARIANA
17th July 2014 - 9pm.
R. Pelotas, 141
R$ 4,80 / R$ 12,00/ R$ 24,00
More info: SESC Vila Mariana

1 July >> Tetine at Moody Brooding Hopeless Boys!

Tetine are performing dark sambas & other obscurities at Moody Brooding Hopeless Boys - a male vocal night featuring songs sung by men who are moody, broody and hopeless

COME & expect pop darkness from the men we love...
From 8 pm -12
2 Hackney Rd

6 June >> Tetine @ George and the Dragon, London

We are happy to announce that Tetine are performing a tropical mutant punk funk set at the George & Dragon this thursday! Expect an evening of tropikal beats, dark electronica and Brazilian post punk with Tetine's films and other angularities. We'll be playing songs from our album In Loveland With You (Slum Dunk 2013) and there will be a few surprises as well.

Come & expected the unexpected
2 Hackney Rd

31 May >> Tetine's video Profane Cow (Study IV) at The 3rd Biennal da Bahia!

Opening of "Reencenaçao" at Mosteiro de Sao Bento - part of 3* Bienal da Bahia. We're happy to let you know that Tetine's video 'Profane Cow (study IV) will be there in all its glory! Curated by Fernando Oliva.

Check it here: http://bienaldabahia2014.com.br/wp/

9 May >> Tetine's Mother Nature & Black Semiotics at George and the Dragon, London

We're happy to announce Tetine are performing from the repertoire of Mother Nature & Black Semiotics. Expect atmospherics, ambient peices, dark sangs and more!

From 8 pm -12
2 Hackney Rd

11 April >> Tetine's performances @ George & Dragon

We're happy to announce that we'll be performing different pieces from TETINE's output along the year at the glorious George & The Dragon! Tonight Tetine are performing a set of experimental improvised electronic music & spoken word with elements of funk carioca, miami bass and post punk. Unmissable!
Come & expect the unexpected! From 8 to 12 pm
2 Hackney Rd

20 March >> Tetine live at Sactun Soho Hotel for ABC TRUST

Tetine play a special live tropical mutant punk funk set at the launch party of Abc Trust at the Sanctum Soho Hotel.

Expect funk carioca meets post punk action. Tetine will be playing a set including music from From A Forest Near You, Voodoo Dance & Other Stories and In Loveland With You

Sanctun Soho Hotel - 20 Warwick St - London W1B 5NB, 8 pm

26 Oct >> Tetine live at Les Atelier Claus in Brussels, Belgium

Tetine will be performing a special show based on their latest releases In Loveland With You / Black Semiotics and Mother Nature at Les Atelier Claus in Brussels, Belgium. Expect an experimental electronica and punk funk based on the new releases + Brazilian poet Ricardo Domeneck and Markus Nicolaus aka Cunt Cunt Chanel.

More info: Les ateliers claus @ CRICKX
crickxstraat 15
1060 bruxelles

25 Oct >> Tetine live in Antwerp, Belgium

Tetine live in Antwerp performing from latest album In Loveland With You

More info to come soon

15 Oct >> DJ set at Il Bottaccio - White Cube gallery
Private after party dj set at II Botacio to celebrate Mark Bradford oppening at White Cube.
10 Oct >> RELEASE PARTY ! Black Semiotics and Mother Nature
Part of a project called Memory Serves, Tetine unleashes 2 brand new albums of never-released instrumental music written between 2000 and 2005 - Mother Nature + Black Semiotics are out on Oct 10th on Wet Dance.
11 Sept >> Tetine's SLUM DUNK radio show series is back

Hosted by Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado from Brazilian electronic duo Tetine, the Slum Dunk show is back for a new season on Resonance Fm on Wednesday from 10:30 to 1130 pm.
Expect all sorts of unexpected music from the hills and beyond with an emphasis on obscure artists from the south hemisphere

First programme is dedicated to late Sebastiao Rodrigues Maia - Brazilian polemical soul man/disco funk iconoclast known as Tim Maia.
Tetine will be playing and commenting on his 70's 'rejected' songs inspired by the book Universe in Disenchantment & religious cult Racional Culture.

Listen: www.resonancefm.com wednesdays 10:30 - 11:30 pm (London Time)

4 Jun >> TETINE live at The Laundry in London

Tetine at the Laundry playing from the new album In Loveland With You.

The Laundry - Secret arch E2 - 10 pm

16 May >> DJ set at Soho House, London
Private after party dj set at Soho House to celebrate Jac Leirner's opening at White Cube.
10 May >> Tetine live @ Mother, London

Tetine playing from the new album at Mother Live 7 Pm,
333 Old Street, EC1V 9LE London

Advance tickets £ 10 / www.ticketweb.co.uk

8 April >> New Tetine release IN LOVELAND WITH YOU - OUT NOW!

We are happy to announce the worldwide release of Tetine's new LP In Loveland With You on Slum Dunk Music. In Loveland With You is a follow up to our Tropical Punk Trilogy which included the records Let Your X's Be Y's on Soul Jazz Records (2008) and From A Forest Near You (2010) and Voodoo Dance & Other Stories (2011) out on Slum Dunk Music. Recorded and produced by Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado between 2010 and 2012, In Loveland With You is one of Tetine's most personal records to date, featuring 14 tracks over 67 minutes of unusual music that is heavy on electronic and organic sounds with funky basslines, drum machines, glacial soundscapes and a very distinctive melodic and harmonic sense.

Online: https://itunes.apple.com


Tuesday December 18, 2012
8:00 PM to Midnight
Exhibition by Tetine, and Tetine on the dj decks

They Want To Get Rid of The Street Vendors is part of Tetine's ongoing series of informal DIY guerilla street/video actions on the semantics of self-piracy, sound object disfunctionality, reconfiguration of goods & auto sampling tactics. An improvised ‘camelo’ (informal street selling point) with banners, selected items and manufactured CDs will be set up at the glorious White Cubicle toilette. They will be there to emanate a sexually charged anti-industry "wall of sound”. Pop and anti-pop eating themselves. The death of the record. The record of the time. Visitors are encouraged to unglue Tetine's cds from the wall and take them home!


20 Nov >> George & Dragon (DJ set) London
2 Hackney rd, E2 from 8 PM.
21 & 22 Sep >> Tetine performs 3 concerts in Oslo

If you're happen to be around Oslo this weekend.. come see us at the National Museum of Contemporary Art or at Jaeger club & if you miss one of these shows there's also one appearance at the Stenersen Museum where we'll be premiering a new piece I Hope You Enjoy Your Stay.

21st September. 21.00 (concert)

Museum for Samtidskunst / Nasjonalmuseet
21st of Septembe. 18.00 (performance)

22nd September. 13.00 (performance)

More detailed info here: http://trap.no/projects/tetine

13 June >> Tetine perform a new score for Rio Babilonia, SESC Santo Amaro, São Paulo

This month sees Tetine heading to São Paulo for a special night at SESC Santo Amaro's tour the force / celebrations of the work of filmmaker / artist Neville D'Almeida through the project Alem Cinema. We're invited to perform a brand new score for Neville's early 80 new wave classic Rio Babilonia. Expect to see and her the uncut version of Rio Babilonia like you never heard before!

Sesc Santo Amaro - Rua Amador Bueno, 505
Santo Amaro / cep 04752-005
telefone: 5541-4000

R$ 20 inteira, R$ 10 (Sesc members + 60)

8 May >> Tetine at Triennale di Milano, Open Art, Italy

Tetine perform at the Triennale di Milano this coming Tuesday May 8th as part of OPEN ARTI. Expect music from our last albums Voodoo Dance & Other Stories, From A Forest Near You and Let Your X's.

La Triennale di Milano
viale Alemagna 6, 20121 Milan, Italy - 9pm

more info: http://milano.zero.eu

4 May >> Tetine + Nik Colk Void + Noi Kabat live @ Future Obscura, London

Tetine play at Future Obscura - Friday with Nik Colk Void (Factory Floor / Carter Tutti Void) & Noi Kabat.

21:30 - 2 am at Powerlunches, 446 Kingsland Road, E8 4AA

20 April >> Tetine - Dance To Death
Tetine's new video for the track Dance To Death - our second collaboration with the LA duo Howard Amb. The track was recorded between London, NYC and LA during 2011 and it is also part of Tetine's latest album 'Voodoo Dance & Other Stories' (Slum Dunk Music 2011). Watch the video HERE
14 Jan >> 'MICROCLIMA' at Kunsthalle Zurich

MICROCLIMA ZURICH TROPICAL - a project by Pablo Leon De La Barra. open this Saturday 14th January at KUNSTHALLE Zurich. Tetine's piece 'O Bandido' is part of the exhibition which also includes works by Ana Roldán, Alejandro Cesarco, Gilda Mantilla and Raimond Chaves, Julia Rometti and Victor Costales, Fabio Morais, Radames ‘Juni’ Figueroa and others.

28 January – 9 April 2012
Opening: Saturday, 14 January 2012, 5–8 pm
Opening hours: Tue/Wed/FriI 12 – 6 PM, THUR 12 – 8 PM, Sat/Sun 11 AM – 5 PM

More detailed info here: MICROCLIMA ZURICH TROPICAL

22 Nov >> George & Dragon (DJ set) London
2 Hackney rd, E2
29 Oct >>Tetine live @ Espaço 104 - part of COMA, Belo Horizonte

Tetine will be performing music from their last two albums "Voodoo Dance & Other Stories" & "From A Forest Near You"

Where: Espaço 104 - Praça Ruy Barbosa, 104 - Centro, BH - Tickets: R$ 10
More info: www.coma.net.br


During three days the city of Belo Horizonte will host the first instalment of COMA - a platform specially curated by Bruno Verner & Eliete Mejorado of Tetine.
The festival features an unusual programme composed by musicians, artists, filmmakers and free-thinkers including performances, workshops, talks, shows and club nights.
Line up includes Planningtorock, Carla Bozulich/Evangelista, Tetine, Dorit Chrysler, Karine Alexandrino, Paul B. Davis, Joana Seguro, Astronauta Pinguim, Distruktor, Andrew Horn, Frederico Pessoa amongst others.

Where: Espaço 104 - Praça Ruy Barbosa, 104 - Centro, BH - Tickets: R$ 10
More info: www.coma.net.br

25 Oct >> Tetine + Helena Ignes performing a new soundtrack for "O Bandido Da Luz Vermelha", at Teatro Sesc Vila Mariana, o Paulo

We're pleased to announce Tetine + Helena Ignes performing a new soundtrack live for for the legendary cinema marginal film "O BANDIDO DA LUZ VERMELHA" by Rogério Sganzerla.
This is a one-off show - expect 1:40 minutes of experimentation including music from our last albums. Unmissable!

Teatro do Sesc Vila Mariana, Rua Pelotas, 141, Vila Mariana, São Paulo
Tickets: R$ 24, concessions R$ 12 - 9 pm

22 Oct >> Dream Team - exhibition at CHOQUE CULTURAL in São Paulo

Tetine will be taking part with the video 'Voodoo Dance'. The show is curated by Brazilian artist Pacolli and include 20 artists from 6 diferent countries.

Choque Cultural: Rua Joao Moura 997, 2pm

22 Oct >> Tetine & Jarbas Lopes performance piece 'Deegraça' live at ITAU CULTURAL in São Paulo

Tetine & Jarbas Lopes perform a set of experimental improvised electronic music & spoken word with elements of funk carioca, miami bass, crunk and post punk.
The first performance of Deegraça took place within the exhibition 'Gambiarra' at Gasworks in London in 2003. Since then Tetine & Jarbas Lopes have been collaborating on a series of projects for a number of years.
Other actions include collaborations between the artists for The Cisneiro Foundation in Miami in 2005 and more recently a re-enaction of 'Deegraça' performed live as part of exhibition 'Tudo É', curated by Andrea Lissoni and Alberto Salvadori.

This show is part of exhibition Caos & Efeito curated by Kiki Mazzucchelli and Moacir dos Anjos.
Where: Galeria do Itau Cultural, 12:30 am

13 September >> George & Dragon (DJ set) London
2 Hackney rd, E2
20 August >> Tetine live at International Summerfestival in Hamburg
more info here: www.kampnagel.de
28 June / 16 August >> George & Dragon (DJ set) London
2 Hackney rd, E2
27 June >> Tetine re-work of Arnaldo Baptista's TO BURN OR NOT TO BURN!
Tetine with Arnaldo Baptista on the same track! We're very honoured to be part of this. Arnaldo remains one our all-time favorite musicians & a huge influence. Tetine's rework of To or Not To Burn is part of the album of remixes named Arnaldo Baptista - PETRIFIED BE TOOLS! OUT SOON on D.EDGE records. Check it out HERE!
17 June >> Tetine & Jarbas Lopes live in Firenze

Tetine & Jarbas Lopes live in Firenze. We'll be re-enacting the tent piece DEE GRACA - originally presented by Tetine & Jarbas at Gasworks in London 2003.Expect double RIOT as Brazil is the special guest at Pitty W 8 - part of the exhibit Tudo E featuring Chelpa Ferro, Tamar Guimaraes, Jarbas lopes, Pablo Leon de La Barra, Tetine, Diplo & Leandro HBL, Nado Leal, Paulo Nenflidio, Distruktur amongs others.

Guest Nation Brazil…Tudo è
14–16 June 2011
every day from 7.00pm to 2.00am
Via del Castellaccio 12 – Firenze
. More info: HERE


We're happy to announce the release of the album UNCORRUPTED TROPICAL WAVE ( 1984-2011) compiled by Tetine - including 17 great hard-to-find cuts by Duplexx, Satanique Samba Trio, Shiva Las Vegas, Tetine, Objeto Amarelo, Karine Alexandrino, Divergencia Socialista, W, Muepetmo & more... DIG IT!

Buy it HERE

18 April >> New video for Voodoo Dance - OUT TODAY!
Launch of brand new video 'VOODOO DANCE- fisrt single lifted off Tetine's album 'VOODOO DANCE & OTHER STORIES'
Dir by Eliete Mejorado. Watch it HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dW1CxUIGI2I

We're happy to announce the release of Tetine's 11th album VOODOO DANCE & OTHER STORIES.

Available at all good stories. DIG IT! Buy it HERE

8 Feb >> Tropical Posters and Pablo Magazine launch night, London

Tetine plays a special selection of rare tropical birds for the launch of Tropical Posters & Pablo's mag at the glorious George&Dragon

2 Hackney rd, E2 - 8 pm -12 FREE

18 Jan >> Launch of new video Revolver
Launch of brand new video 'Revolver' - fourth single lifted off Tetine's album 'From A Forest Near You' (Slum Dunk Music 2010).
Revolver is a lo-fi noir suburbia video/photo novela recorded last month around NYC & the suburbs of New Jersey. Dir by Eliete Mejorado.
9 Jan >> George & Dragon (DJ set) London
2 Hackney rd, E2
2 Nov >> George & Dragon (DJ set) London
2 Hackney rd, E2

24 Oct >> Tetine live at Musica Mutante, Hoxton Bar, London

Tetine live at Hoxton Bar. Expect a live set based on latest album From A Forest Near You including new stuff.

Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen
8-9 Hoxton Square, N1 6NU
London, United Kingdom £6/£5 concessions.

13 Oct >> In Our Blood Presents..., Islington Metal Works, London

Tetine (live) at Islington Metal Works/Electrowerkz.In Our Blood presents... featuring Plaid (Dj set) Warp, Global Goon (live) Planet Mu/Reflex, Simon Fisher Turner, Tetine (live) Soul Jazz, Felix Machines (live), Dave i.D (live)...+ exclusive screening of My Buddy Claudia by Dacio Pinheiro

Islington Metal Works - Oct 13th, 2010 (7:30 pm to 01.00 am)
7 Torrens St, EC1V1NQ

2 Oct >> Tetine + Blacksugu, Lisbon, Portugal

Tetine (dj set) + Blacksugu (dj set) at Europa Bar in Lisbon, Portugal

Europa Bar - (12 - 4 am ) - Entry 5 Euros, Cais do Sodré, Rua Nova do Carvalho 16-20 Lisboa, Portugal

21 July >> Release of Tropical Punk 12' on Slum Dunk Music

We're happy to announce Tetine's brand new 12' Tropical Punk EP is OUT!! It comes with 4 remastered tracks & it sounds very warm - including an extended 'mutant funk' re-edit of first single.Available at all good shops! Go get yours!

1a. Tropical Punk (Mutant Funk Edit)
2a. Yr Daughter Lies - Tetine & Howard Amb
1b. Shiva
2b. O Espaço

24 June >> Release of Colette Ville with Tropical Punk on it
Tetine have produced a brand new special re-edit of our track Tropical Punk for Colette Paris... The track is part of Colette's new compilation Colette Ville & will represent Sao Paulo. More info to come soon.
12 June >> Release of Mrs. Lennon - Songs of Yoko Ono

We had the pleasure to re-imagine a version for 'Why' from Plastic Ono Band (1970). Tetine's version for Why is part of the album Mrs. Lennon - a tribute to the music of Yoko Ono (Discobertas 2010) featuring music by unorthodox Brazilian artists such as Cida Moreira, Angela Roro, Luz Del Fuego, Digitaria, Tetine, Matilda Kovak, Pelvs & Marlia Barbosa amongst others.

18 May >> George & Dragon (DJ set), London
2 Hackney Rd
14 April >> Tetine live at @ La linea D'ombra, Salerno, Italy
Tetine at Linea D'Ombra with Pantha Du Prince, Dani Sciliaano, Atom Tm etc..
8 Feb >> FROM A FOREST NEAR YOU album release listening party
4 Dec >> Hercules & Love Affair + Tetine + Kap Bambino at Casa da Musica in Porto.

Next stop: one-off night with Hercules & Love Affair + Tetine + Kap Bambino performing live at Sala 2 at Casa da Musica in Porto. Tickets 18 euro.

24 November & 2 Dec >> George & Dragon (DJ set), London
2 Hackney Rd

9 October >> Bordeaux Biennalle - EVENTO

Tetine performing Samba de Monlisa at EVENTO - two nights 9th and 10th October inBordeaux with a great line up!

Bordeaux Aquitaine National Orchestra, Dani Siciliano, Mara Carlyle, Seaming, Max De Wardner, Quayola, Plaid and Felix's Machines, Mira Calix, Tetine with Sophie Calle, Tim Exile, Jon Hopkins, Luomo, Drums of Death, Peaches, Trevor Jackson.

More info: here

7 & 21 October >> George & Dragon (DJ set), London

2 Hackney Rd

29 August >> Bar Music Hall, London

Tetine will be playing songs from Let Your X's Be Y's (Soul Jazz 2008) live and premiering a few new numbers for the first time in London - based on our new record OUT SOON!!

We're also joined by Moroder & 'all things ITALO' aficionado DJ Carlos Baffo - who'll be on the decks playing a selection of great apperggiated synth bass lines during the evening.
Info: Saturday, 29 August 2009 at 21:00
Tetine live 23:30
Bar Music Hall, 134 Curtain Road

10 Jul >> Tetine vs Sophie Calle, Videobrasil, São Paulo

TETINE VS SOPHIE CALLE - live in São Paulo!
Tetine vs Sophie Calle performing Samba de Monlisa - live at the opening of Videobrasil in São Paulo!

We'll be performing it live after 7 years and in the presence of Sophie Calle herself who came to São Paulo for her solo show Take Care of Yourself.

Expect a beautiful experimental one-hour set for piano, electronics and modified voices in the company of a large scale projection of Double Blind a.k.a No Sex Last Night.

The album TETINE Vs SOPHIE CALLE (2002) is out of print since 2003. If you're in São Paulo do come, it is for FREE but make sure you exchange your invites for two bottons to watch the concert - (capacity 700 people)
Where: Sesc Pompeia - Rua Clelia 93 - Time: 22h

26 June >> Tetine live @ Nouveau Casino, Paris

Un plateau exclusivement féminin pour cette Wet For Me, de l'électro en puissance et des invitées prestigieuses : Maud de Scratch Massive pour une électro rythmée et envoûtante. Leur dernier album live Joy est un pur bijou à la fois moite, sensuel et sophistiqué. En dj set, Maud est sans concession et efficace. Jennifer Cardini. Fière représentante du label Kompakt, on ne la présente plus, son électro minimal house fait mouche à chaque fois. Chopé au vol entre Cologne et Paris, c’est ici qu’elle viendra poser ses trax pour notre plus grand bonheur. Tetine, duo brésilien, prendra la suite avec un live très très chaud mêlant électro punk et hip-hop tropical!

vendredi 26 juin 2009 - minuit à l’aube - 10 euros avec une boisson offerte av. 1h. Nouveau Casino - 109, rue Oberkampf - Paris 11

17 June >> Livraria da Esquina w/ Musicas Interminaveis para Viagem, São Paulo

Tetine + M.i.p.V live at Livraria da Esquina.

Rua do Bosque, 1254, Barra Funda, SP/SP)
R$ 15 c/flyer ou nome na lista (lista.show@hotmail.com) R$ 20 na hora

14 June >> Feira GLBT Parada (DJ set), São Paulo

Av Paulista, Free

10 June >> Feira Cultural GLBT/Flash Festival de Diversidade na Musica, São Paulo

18hrs - Vale do Anhangabau, Free

5 Jun >> Bar Music Hall - O Baile, London

Tetine present a special tropical night for O Baile, feat Dj Vamanos, Tetine dj set and more to be announced.

Bar Music Hall: 134-136 Curtain Rd, EC2A. From 8 till late (more info to come)

24 May >> Fabbrica Europa Festival, Florence, Italy

Tetine live. More info here : citymixfestival

10 to 24 May >> El Noa Noa, Bogota, Colombia

EL NOA NOA ‘un lugar de ambiente’ by Pablo Leon de la Barra with music and/or videos by Tetine, Dani Umpi, Los Super Elegantes, avaf, Rick Castro, Beatriz Lopez ‘B-Lo’, Adriana Lara/Lasser Moderna, Silverio, Esther Planas and a selection of classic pop videos in spanish from the 70s and 80s by ‘El Perro y La Calandria’.

A TropiPopPolitical space inspired by ‘El Noa Noa’ the mythical and now disappeared seventies club/bar of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua immortalized by singer Juan Gabriel in his song and movie ‘El Noa Noa’.

More info here: centrefortheaestheticrevolution.blogspot.com/

6 & 19 May >> George & Dragon (DJ set), London
7 & 21 April >> George & Dragon (DJ set), London

6 April >> The Comunism of Forms / York University Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada

The Communism of Forms Sound + Image + Time – The Strategy of Music Videos

The Communism of Forms: Sound + Image + Time – The Strategy of Music Videos is a fluid, evolving exhibition whose first presentation (Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo, 2006) has been reconsidered and updated to reflect a Toronto context. Curators Emelie Chhangur, Earl Miller, Nicholas Brown, Fernando Oliva & Marcelo Rezende.

Tetine show two pieces: Samba de Monalisa 2 and You're The One.

AGYU - Art Gallery of York University
4700 Keele Street | Accolade East Building
www.yorku.ca/agyu | 416.736.5169

28 Mar >> Tetine with Mr Bongo Soundsystem, London

Tetine get together with the great Mr Bongo Soundsystem for a night of sweaty & visceral ghetto bass... Expect SLUM DUNK PRESENTS FUNK CARIOCA.

The Market Place - 11 Market Place, W1 - from 8 till late

19 Mar >> Tetine live @ Hoof - Queen Of Hoxton, London

1 Curtain Road, EC2A . 11:30 pm

10 & 24 Mar >> George & Dragon (DJ set), London

19 Feb - 20 Mar >> Three Bullets at Itau Cultural, São Paulo

Three Bullets is Tetine's brand new spoken word piece specially commissioned by Itau Cultural Radio. The project was curated by sound artist Ricardo Carioba who invited 4 different artists to create new music with text drawing on notions of the body, space and drama. Tetine's piece will be available for free download from Feb 19th.

Click here to download it (Look for Tetine on Programa 2)

24 Feb >> George & Dragon (DJ set), London

21 Feb >> Tetine live at Scandale! Batofar, Paris

Batofar - 11, quai François Mauriac, 75013 Paris. From 11:30 pm


15 Feb >> Tetine live - Resonance FM Benefit Gala @ The Grosvenor, London

A Resonance Radio Benefit Gala (4.00 PM - 11.00 PM), featuring music from Jowe Head and The Demi-Monde (Swell Maps), Tetine (Soul Jazz Records), Proxy Music, Oscillatorial Binnage, The Temperatures, Superstrings, Steve Greekshire, Raagnagrok, No Frills Band, Frank Bagay and The Topsy Turvy Band.

Club Integral At The Grosvenor, 17 Sydney Road, Stockwell, London SW9. Entry: £5

10 Feb >> George & Dragon (DJ set), London

29 Jan >> Dj set for Lo Recordings at Jago Gallery, London

Tetine will be providing a dj set of Tropical Punk tunes to chase away the winter blues. Plus Casey Spooner, Jon Tye, Udi Dudi DJing. Admmission free.

Jago Gallery - 77 Redchurch Street, London E2. From 8 to 2 am.

22 Jan >> Tetine live in Nantes, France

Tetine play Let Your X's Be Y's live at University of Nantes - followed by a Dj set.

Pôle Etudiant le 22 janvier à partir de 20h00. Campus du TertreArrêt de Tram ligne 2 Facultés.

7 & 20 Jan >> George & Dragon (DJ set), London
19 Dec >> Tetine live at Video Unlimited, Udine, Italy

Tetine perform Let Your X be Y's live in Udine, Italy - part of Video Unlimited 08

12 Dec >> George & Dragon 6th Anniversary (DJ set), London
Nov 3 >> Tetine live @ Cargo, London

Cargo - 83 Rivington Street, London EC2A - Tickets £10 / 10pm

Oct 26 >> Tetine + Patife Band (live) at Centro Cultural da Juventude in São Paulo

Festival at Centro Cultural da Juventude. FREE!

Deputado Emilio Carlos, 3641, São Paulo, Brasil

Oct 23 >> Tetine live @ Tapas, São Paulo

Rua Augusta, 1246. Tickets RS$ 20,00 . 1:30 am

Oct 17 >> Tetine live @ Vegas, São Paulo

Tetine live + aftershow dj set . R. Augusta, 765. 2:00 am
Oct 9 >> Cover - MAM / Museum of Modern Art, São Paulo

Opening night of COVER curated by Fernando Oliva. Tetine will be showing 3 videos:

I Don't Really Love You Anymore, 2002
Vídeo em DVD/ DVD video, 4'23"
Cortesia/ Courtesy Gaga Gallery, High School Records e Slum Dunk Music, London, UK

Samba de Monalisa 2, 2002
Vídeo em DVD/ DVD video, 5'36"
Cortesia/ Courtesy Gaga Gallery, High School Records e Slum Dunk Music, London, UK

Profane Cow Study IV, 2008
Vídeo em DVD/ DVD video, 4'48"
Cortesia/ Courtesy Gaga Gallery, High School Records e Slum Dunk Music, London, UK

MAM - Parque do Ibirapuera, portão 3 - s/nº São Paulo, Brasil
Tuesdays to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm, Admission R$ 5,30

Oct 7 >> Vista Del Mar at Galeria Polinesia, São Paulo

Vide show at Galeria Polinesia.Tetine show Let Your X Be X .

Rua: Pedro Taques, 110 - Opening night 7 - 11 pm

Oct 3 >>Tetine live at SESC Pompeia, São Paulo

Tetine play SESC Pompeia to celebrate the release of LET YOUR X's BE Y's (Soul Jazz Records). Brasil's premier of LET YOUR X's BE Y's. Expect Tetine playing the album in its entirety at the chopperia of Sesc Pompeia. Unmissable!

Rua Clelia 93. Friday 9 pm. R$ 16,00 / R$ 8,00 (SESC members/students)

Sept 27 >> Tetine & No Bra (live) at Old Blue Last - London

8 pm - 1:30 - Free Entry! 38 Great Eastern Str E2

Sept 24 >> DJ set at George & Dragon, London

Sept 19 >>Tetine (Dj set) at FUR launch party

Tetine play a special tropical punk funk set at the launch party of FUR in Berlin! Expect chaos and great music while grabbing FUR's brand new issue Jeans & Blood.
KIM - Brunnesnstrasse 10, Berlin
. Friday 9pm

Sept 17 >> Tetine (dj set) at Berlin Hilton, NBI, Berlin

NBI - Schoenhauser Alee 36, Berlin. From 11 pm till late

Sept 10 >> DJ set at George & Dragon, London
Aug 13, 16, 27 >> DJ set at George & Dragon, London
Aug 8 >> Festival Sudoeste TNM, Zambujeira Do Mar
Tetine heads to Zambujeira do Mar in Portugal to play Festival Sudoeste TMN. We'll be playing lots of new stuff from our record Let Your X's Be Y's (Soul Jazz 2008).
More info here
Aug 2 >> DJ set at George & Dragon, London
July 16, 19 , 30 >> DJ set at George & Dragon, London
2 Hackney Road, London E2 - From 8 onwards
Jul 12 >> No-Name fest, Newcastle upon Tyne

Tetine live at No-Name Festival

Maling Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne

July 11 >> Plastic People, London

Lumin, Nile - on & Madame Presents ‘Summer In The Cities’

TETINE (live)*** Macacos do Chines (live)
147-149 CurtainRoad, London, EC2 - Entry £8 - 9pm till 2am

July 5 >> Foreplay - Dj Set , London

Expect a tropical mutant punk funk sellection + Defektv doing live visuals.

Cobert place - 06 - 11 PM

July 4 >> Manifesta 7, Trentino

Tetine have produced a special mixtape/ experimental audio piece for MANIFESTA 7 all spoken in Italian (!?!). It broadcasts this Friday 4th of July on RAI RADIO 2 . Expect beat driven action with Cicciolina + Tetine + Gigliola Cinquenti + Pavarotti + strings + old school tamborzao...


As part of Manifesta 7's "Principal Hope" curated by Adam Budak and In collaboration with the regional RAI FM Radio 2, a special program of radio broadcasts made by artists and musicians involved in Manifesta 7 and beyond has been curated by Tobi Maier.

TETINE open the series on Friday 4 July 15.45h (GMT+1) on RAI RADIO 2 , 90.7FM (regional TRENTINO SOUTH TYROL broadcasts)

July 3 >> DJ set at George & Dragon, London
2 Hackney Road, London E2 - From 8 onwards
June 18 >> DJ set at George & Dragon, London
2 Hackney Road, London E2 - From 8 onwards
June 13 >> Working Men's Club, London

Tetine live at Run-Riot / Working Man's Club

Working Men's Club 44-46 Pollard Row. Bethnal Green, London E2 6NB

June 6 >> Bastard Batty Bass/The Star of Bethnal Green, London

Tetine live plus Hannah Holland, MC Chickaboo, Mama Shamone and Zombie Disco Squad

359 Bethnal Green Rd, London, E2 6LG - From 9 PM

June 4 >> DJ set at George & Dragon, London
2 Hackney Road, London E2 - From 8 onwards
May 24 >> Tetine at Revolution N 5, Berlin
Tetine with Sick Girls - 15th @ Weekend - Alexanderplatz - Berlin Mitre
May 23 >> Tetine live at Hebbel, Hau 2, Berlin
Tetine live at Hebbel Theatre Hau 2.
Hebbel Am Ufer - Hallesches Ufer 32 - 10963 Berlin
May 21 >> DJ set at George & Dragon, London
2 Hackney Road, London E2 - From 8 onwards
May 8 >> Tetine vs Sophie Calle - Paço Das Artes, São Paulo

SAMBA DE MONALISA , Tetine's out of print - album made in colaboration with artist Sophie Calle at Oidaradio, Paco das Artes in Sao Paulo.

SAMBA DE MONALISA streams on May 8th at 3pm São Paulo's time.
Listen to it first here: www.oidaradio.org

May 7 >> DJ set at George & Dragon, London
2 Hackney Road, London E2 - From 8 onwards
May 6 >> Lets Do The Dream, Paço Das Artes, São Paulo

This Tuesday (May 6th) Tetine premier LET'S DO THE DREAM - a live improvised sound piece in 10 movements for electronics and naturally altered voices on the subjects of selling and buying dreams. The piece was specially commissioned for the exhibition OIDARADIO at Paco das Artes in Sao Paulo and it will soon be available as a limited edition CD!

LET'S DO THE DREAM streams on May 6th at 5pm São Paulo's time.
Listen to it first here: www.oidaradio.org

April 23 >> DJ set at George & Dragon, London (Listening Party)
2 Hackney Road, London E2 - From 8 onwards
April 14 >> Tetine’s Slum Dunk / Resonance
April 11 >> Tropical Fuzz Working Men’s Club , London

Expect Dj's that play voodoo driven freakbeats, no-wave disco and post-punk with a lot of funk. Tetine will be playing live.

Working Men's Club 44-46 Pollard Row. Bethnal Green, London E2 6NB

April 9 >> DJ set at George & Dragon, London
2 Hackney Road, London E2 - From 8 onwards
April 7 >> Tetine’s Slum Dunk / Resonance
Mar 31 >> Tetine’s Slum Dunk / Resonance
Mar 26 >> Nag Nag Nag, London

From 11 pm. Falcomberg Court, London , N1  

Mar 26 >> DJ set at George & Dragon, London
2 Hackney Road, London E2 - From 8 onwards
Mar 24 >> Tetine’s Slum Dunk / Resonance
Mar 17 >> Tetine’s Slum Dunk / Resonance

Slum Dunk - Tetine's radio show on Resonance FM

Live from Resonancefm.com (London Time from 7 to 8 pm)

Mar 13 >> Last Fm Presents @ Working Man’s Club

TETINE + THE RGB's + Heartbreak + Last Fm DJ team

Working Men's Club 44-46 Pollard Row. Bethnal Green, London E2 6NB

Mar 12 >> DJ set at George & Dragon, London
2 Hackney Road, London E2 - From 8 onwards
Mar 10 >> Tetine’s Slum Dunk / Resonance

Slum Dunk - Tetine's radio show on Resonance FM

Live from Resonancefm.com (London Time from 7 to 8 pm)

Mar 8 >> Beaconsfield Gallery - London

Mother of All Parties with Tetine (live) + Paul B . Davis, Hauschka, Serafina Steer, Howard Jacques, Andrea Parker and many more!

Beaconsfield Gallery - 22 Newport St, SE11 - Tickets £10 / £8 (consessions) online at www.ticketweb.co.uk

Mar 4 >> Release date: TETINE - I Go To The Doctor + CSS remix (Soul Jazz Records)

Mar 3 >>Tetine’s Slum Dunk / Resonance

Slum Dunk - Tetine's radio show on Resonance FM is back for a new season with plenty of unexpected music. Tune in every Monday from March the 3rd!

Live from Resonancefm.com (London Time from 7 to 8 pm)

Feb 27 >> DJ set at George & Dragon, London
2 Hackney Road, London E2 - From 8 onwards
Feb 13 >> DJ set at George & Dragon, London

2 Hackney Road, London E2 - from 8 pm till midnight.

Jan 30 >> DJ set at George & Dragon, London
2 Hackney Road, London E2 - From 8 onwards

Jan 19 >> Tetine live @ Egg, London

200 York Way - Kings X - 2:00 am £12.00

Jan 16 >> DJ set at George & Dragon, London

2 Hackney Road, London E2 - From 8 onwards


Dec 31 >> Punchdrunk’s special Red Death NYE party @ BAC, London

Tetine paly a special concert as part of Punchdrunk's The Masque of Red Death's New Years Eve party at Battersea Arts Centre. Expect the unexpectable! Tickets are valid for performance and late night party.

New Years Eve £75/ £65 Concs 7 pm - onwards Battersea Art Centre - Lavender Hill, SW11

Dec 8 >> Get Rude Xmas Party, London

Tetine will be playing an old school electro/funk carioca set at some point - think ronnie rap, bonde neurose, bonde faz gostoso, Bonde das Bad Girls and many others. Plus Mowgly, Hanna Holland, Skull Juice, Warboy, Mad Damon, Zombie Disco Squad, Naomi, Gigolo Knights,STDJS, Patchwork Pirates and more!!

22 - Kingsland Road, London E2 / 10 - 4 am Free entry!

Nov 10 >> Tetine live at Tivoli in Utretcht

Tetine play Tivoli in Utretch with Crookers and Joost.

Tivoli Oudegracht - Oudegracht 245, Utrecht

Nov 9 >> TETINE live at Club 11 in Amsterdam

Tetine are back in Amsterdan to play Rawn at Club 11 with Crookers and Joost.

Oosterdokskade 3-5, 1011 Amsterdam. info@ilove11.nl

Sep 28 >>Tetine @ Battersea Arts Center/Red Death

Tetine play live at Batersea Arts Center. This is part of Red Death - a new perpormance piece by Punchdrunk - pioneers of deeply immersive theatre in which audiences experience live performance in extraordinary spaces. We'll play L.I.C.K MY FAVELA in its entirety as part of their Red Death Lates - a series of live music events.

Battersea Art Centre - Lavender Hill, SW11

Sep 25 >> Release date: Soul Jazz Rec Singles

Soul Jazz Records releases an album with their latest SINGLES - with two tracks (A História da Garça and Slum Dunk) from Tetine's forthcoming album! More info to come soon.

Sep 22 >> Vice Grolsch Party @ Uppat Framat

This weekend Tetine heads to Sweden for some live tropical mutant punk funk carioca action! This is part of Vice mag's Grolsh Block Party at Uppat Framat in Gothemberg. Come and do the dance! Should be hot & sweaty.Line up: Dj Nibc, Gaster, Tetine (live)

More info: grolschblockparty.se

Aug 17 >> Tetine @ Egg

Tetine play Always Fridays/Magic Circle at EGG. Come down!

"I'ts a monstrous electro-indie rock-rave party at the right prices. Yet again its a big star line up with Trevor Loveys (Speakerjunk), Hanna Holland, Pachworkpirates, Tony Poland (Slu Frindge), Peter Pixel (Bugged Out), and loads more busting out the dirrrrrty remixes, batty bass and bleep static glitch rock across 3 floor. Plus live action from the Baile Funk awsomeness of Tetine + The Real Heat." (Time Out Critic's Choice). EGG >>20 York Way, Kings Cross Entry £ 8

July 29 >> Tetine @ Sunday Night Live / Bistroteque

Sunday night gigs / night club propositions by artists/artist bands invited by Pablo Leon de la Barra. Tetine presents a special one-off mutant punk funk night meets miami bass in brutal tropical mode. Expect Tetine live plus DJ sets by Bruno Verner, Eliete Mejorado & Adriano Costa.

Plus ++ preview of 'You Are The One' video ++ live visuals by Rodrigo Garcia Dutra & tropical props by Fabio Gurjão.

Sunday Night Live is a satellite event of The Weasel: Pop Music And Contemporary Art at South London Gallery.

Bistroteque: 23-27 Wadeson St, London E2 - 9 pm


July 26 >> Tetine in Amsterdam

Tetine live at Little Sexmachine (Streetlab) - Amsterdam Fashion Week.

Pazzanistraat 1, Amsterdam


July 20 >> Tetine at Comunismo Da Forma / Galeria Vermelho

TETINE take part at Comunismo Da Forma – an exhibition on sound, image and text exploring the strategies of pop music videos at Galeria Vermelho in São Paulo .

Tetine premier ‘You’re The One’ in Sao Paulo – a brand new video recorded last November at the glorious The Joiners Arms in London. COMUNISMO DA FORMA also include works by Laibah, Pipiloti Rist, Chelpa Ferro, Erika Verzutti, Carlos Issa, Muvi, Giselle Beiguelman Bad Beuys Entertainment amongst others.

GALERIA VERMELHO - R. Minas Gerais, 350, São Paulo. Exhibition runs from Jun 20 – Aug 8


June 22 >> Tetine live @ Whitechapel Art Gallery

Tetine are proud to invite you for an evening of radical TROPICAL PUNK manifestations at The Whitechapel Art Gallery Late Nights on FRIDAY 22 July from 7-11 pm! Expect a cannibal hot evening of mixed media mayhem covering sound, film, art videos, performance, drawings and T Shirt.

ENTRY:£ 6/5 concessions £ 3 Whitechapel Members

Whitechapel High Street, E1 7QX - 7 to 11 pm - Find out more here

June 9 >> Tetine live at Club Motherfucker

Tetine headline this one at the amazing Club Motherfucker, plus Silicon Vultures, The Flash, Daughters of Caos, Tapedeck and more! Should be ultra fun & sewaty! Entry £6.

Bardens Boudoir is located at 38 - 44 Stoke Newington Road, Dalston, London N16 7XJ....

May 28 >> Tetine at Tate Modern's The Long Weekend

On Monday morning Tetine broadcast live from Tate Modern's The Long Weekend for Resonance Fm 104.4. We'll be conducting a special interview with Helio Oiticica's nephew Cesar Oiticica Fillho and curator Vicente Todolli on the subjects of Tropicalia, post-Tropicalia action, art, performance and sound.

View video

May 28 >> Tetine live at Bastard Batty Bass

On Monday evening Tetine play Hanna Holland's Bastard Batty Bass all day party at Old Blue Last. Line up include Zombie Disco Squad, Hanna Holland, Jim Warboy, Naomi, Mama Shamone, MC Chickaboo.

Old Blue Last 2pm to 11 pm

May 27 >> Tetine live at 93 Feet East
Tetine play a full live set at Shortwave on 93 Feet East.Expect music from our new record plus special guests Elaine Casseti on vocals and Ricardo Milho on bass. Should be fun and sweaty!
May 26 >> Tetine in Glasgow's Sound Alarm


May 22 >> DJ set (Eli) t at George and Dragon

Come and join us at the glorious George and Dragon for Eli's DJ seExpect a set full of shameless pop music , electrofunk, obscure Brazilian post punk plus Spanish ballads, kuduro and funk carioca!

1 Hackney Rd - From 8 to mid night

May 21 >> Tetine @ Spitz in the Plan B night

May 5 >> Tetine live @ Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt

Special concert + DJ set at Frakfurter Kunstverein alongiside artists Tomas Ohlsson & Assume Vivid Astrofucus. Tetine will be performing L.I.C.K MY FAVELA in its entirety and a few new tracks! Expect horse tails, mutant punk carioca, feedback and rap!

Steinernes Haus am Römerberg, Markt 44 - 60311 Frankfurt am Main

April 24 >> Tetine live at East End Film Fest

Tetine + Selfish Cunt playing a live set at this year's East End Film Festival as part of Offcuts line up at The Rich Mix. Programme include the WORLD PREMIERE of With Gilbert and George plus a Q&A with director Julian Cole. Also SNEAK PREVIEW of Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten plus Director JUILEN TEMPLE in conversation.

Further info: www.eastendfilmfestival.com

April 14 >> Tetine live @ Casa Da Musica, Porto

Tetine play Casa Da Musica in Porto. This is sure to be a delicious line up and an unmissable saturday night. of live ghetto pop


Av. da Boavista, 604-610- 4149-071 Porto, Portugal. www.casadamusica.com

April 8 >> Tetine live @ Shortwave 93 Feet East, London

Tetine returns to play a live set for Shortwave Easter Special at the 93 Feet East
Live Tetine + Crack Village + North Of Ping Pong + Kaputt + DJS Rob Wray & John Reynolds - Brick Lane 191 (7 pm)

Further info: www.93feeteast.co.uk

April 1 >> Tetine live @ Cargo in London

Offcuts presents a night of cutting edge music videos and bands with live performances by Paloma Faith / The Pistolas / Tetine/ Selfish Cunt / Miss Metro

Tickets available from www.ticketweb.co.uk
£8 adv, £10 on the door, £6 conc

Cargo - 8 Rivington Str EC2 ( 6pm-12am)

Further info: myspace.com/offcuts07

Mar 27 >> Tetine ( DJ set) for Sadie Coles HQ afterparty

Tetine play a special Dj set at the afterparty of german artist Daniel Sinsel's solo show at Sadie Cole's. Expect our mutant disco meets punk funk, funk carioca and miami bass tetine style. You better do dance!

Sadie Colle HQ

Mar 24 >> Tetine live @ Kurator.org in Plymouth

The ‘Social Hacking's Micro Party’ presents a series of experimental sound and visual performances from international renowned artists:
21.00 - 22.00 Social Hacking DJ set
22.30 - 23.00 Mikrokilla & Jura (Mikro Orchestra Project, Poland)
23.00 - 24.00 Tetine (Brazil) - http://www.tetine.net/ or http://www.kurator.org/wiki/main/read/Klub
24.00 - 01.30 c6 with Computer Music Research - http://www.c6.org/
01.30 - 02.30 I Love Re-Mix

Plymouth Arts Centre

Feb 28 >> DJ set @ Catch 22 in London

From 10 pm - 22 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch - E2 8DA

Feb 7 >> Tetine live at Nag Nag Nag in London

Falconberg Court W1 (behind the Astoria) - £5, or £3 concessions/with a flyer

Jan 27 >> Tetine live at Kill'Em All in London

Hey we're back in London this Saturday after a sunny month in Brazil to play KILL EM ALL at the Barfly in Camden. Come to dance & say hello, details below!

Tetine (live)
Late Of The Pier (live),
Faris Rotter(dj set) - Filthy Dukes themselves & Kissy Sell Out.

Barfly - 49 Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AN - Doors 10:30 - £ 5 adv

Jan 19 >> Tetine live at Vegas, São Paulo, Brazil

Tetine play No Porn's Strip Poker club night at Vegas on Friday! Should be sweaty and hotter than hell like our last time.

Rua Augusta, 817, São Paulo - R$20, 00

Jan 18 >> Tetine live at Sesc Pompéia São Paulo, Brazil

This is Tetine's first show of 2007 and we're glad it is in São Paulo! We'll play a special concert at Sesc Pompeia in great style. Expect experimantal stuff, punk carioca, tropical dark sambas and other suprises. Including special guests Mauricio Fleury from (Multiplex/Montage) on bass and artist Erika Verzutti (Fortes Vilaca) on vocals plus Eliete and Bruno sharing vocals, a grand piano, guitars, projections and other toys.

Sesc Pompeia: Rua Clelia 92, São Paulo - R$ 15,00


Dec 21 >> Tetine live at Projeto 2 em 1, São Paulo, Brazil

Tetine live at the anniversary of Projeto Dois em Um in São Paulo!
Coppola - R. Girassol, 323, Vila Madalena, 8 pm - R$20,00

Dec 16 >> Tetine live at Clube Informal, Campinas, Brazil

Tetine live + Djs Andy Cumming e Julian

Rua Delfino Cintra, Botafogo - Campinas - 11 pm to 6 - Until midnight R$15, after R$20

Dec 15 >> Tetine live at Penelope, Ribeirão Preto, Brasil

This FridayTetine is back in Ribeirao Preto! Last show was 6 years! Do come! + TUTU DJs (Andy Cumming e Danilo Psico)

Penélope - Conde Afonso Celso, 1500 Ribeirão Preto - R$10,00/R$12,00

Dec 13 >> Tetine live at Rio Rox , London

Hey, come to Rio Rox at Proud this Wed. This will be Tetine's last London gig before the year turns... and oh baby, then we're going to Brazilllll!!! Brasil!!

The Stables Market / Chalk Farm Road / London NW1- Free entrance

Dec 6 >> Tetine live at NBI, Berlin!!! Re-release of LICK MY FAVELA at Berlin Hilton

We're back in Berlin!!! This time round for the release party of the amazing Kute Bash - the brand new German label that put out our L.I.C.K MY FAVELA in viny. We'll be performing it live at Berlin Hilton!! Expect a sweaty night with Tetine + Dj Oli +Dj Kate Boss doing their katebushrock meets electroplop + Hellvar. - 11:30 PM - Schönhauser Allee 36, 10435 Berlin.

Nov 29 >> Tetine record You're The One at Joiners Arms

We're recording a new number of love and lost named 'You're the One' this Wed at the glorious Joiners Arms in East London! You're more than invited to come and mime and dance, play the pool and drink and etc... Guilherme Altmayer will be performing the track to the cameras in great style! So do come! All welcome!

Where: Joiners Arms at Hackney Rd 122 From 7 pm to 2 am

Nov 10 >> Tetine live in Liverpool

Liverpool Music Week & Evol present Van She and Tetine live!

Korova, Fleet St, Liverpool - Cost: £4 Advance/ Nus / Members

Nov 9th >> Tetine live at Marmalade party

Marmalade Magazine fourth anniversary party with Tetine, The Lovely Jonjo (Trash) Mikki Most n Hannah Holland (Trailer Trash) & Nova (Catch)

Passing Clouds: 440 Kingsland Road, Dalston, E8 4AA

Nov 4 >> Tetine live in Amsterdam

Tetine heads to Amsterdam for some punk multimedia beat action at 11 Club as part of Art Beat. Expect 12 screen action while we play the entire L.I.C.K MY FAVELA live! Line up includes the lovely Sick Girls, Jacozzi, Radioclit amongst others.

More info: www.bestcompanyamsterdam.com

Nov 3 >> Tetine live at Whitechapell Art Gallery

This is grime/ghetto pop action at the Whitechapel Art Gallery with Shanty House. Expect from Tetine a full live set of twisted punk carioca and mutant disco. Plus DJs and film related.

info: www.myspace.com/shantyhouse1

Oct 29 >> Tetine live at 93 Feet East

Zombie Discotheque at 93 Feet East! Come and do the dance! Expect from us a full live set with new stuff thrown in. Plus: Gertrude's Storm and Laura Lost live DJs Adventures Close To Home + People Are Germs!

93 Feet East - Brick Lane

Oct 27 >> Tetine live in Romamnia!

Tetine play a concert in Bucharest for UnderLondon Festival. Expect a night of mutant punk carioca for the masses. Line up Tetine and Noblesse Oblige


Oct 5th >> Tetine perform Turkish Bath live at Monkeytown

This is a rare opportunity to see Tetine's Turkish Bath installation performed live at Monkey Town in Brooklyn, NY. Get prepared for a night of intimate talking, experimental electronica & atmospherics manipulated in real time. Turkish Bath (2004) was originally conceived for Sonarama - an exhibit of sound art as part of Sonar Festival. This is a large scale installation made up of four projections of 16 men of different backgrounds in bathing situations - all of them captured and interviewed in real time by Eliete Mejorado. Unmissable!

Monkey Town 58 N 3rd St (btw. Kent & Wythe) Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211

Oct 2nd >> Tetine live at Joe's Pub in New York

Tetine play L.I.C.K MY FAVELA live at Joe's Pub (Public Theater) + Curumin
9:00pm (TETINE) + 11:30pm (CURUMIN) sharp 

Joe's Pub at The Public Theater - 425 Lafayette Street (between East 4th and Astor Place) NYC
More info: www.joespub.com
Sept 22 >> Tetine live at the Wire's Adventures in Modern Music Festival in Chicago

For the fourth year in a row, The Wire hooks up with Chicago's Empty Bottle venue in September to present a five day festival of outsider sounds.

The line up includes TETINE + COLEEN + YELLOW SWANS + CAST KING!

The Empty Bottle, 1035 N Western Av Chicago, IL 60622 - $15

Further Info: www.emptybottle.com

Sept 14th >> Tetine live at Liverpool Biennial

Tetine play at the opening night of this year's Liverpool Biennial at Greenland Street/A Foundation. Expect a sweaty live set of mutant punk carioca including brand new tunes!

67 Greenland Street - Liverpool L10BY - 11pm

Sept 12 >> Tetine live at Favela Chic
FAVELA CHIC - 91-93 Gt. Eastern Street EC2 - From 9 PM
Ago 23 >> Tetine live in Stockholm!

Tetine play a special concert for ODD Magazine + 46 as part of Stockholm Fashion Week! Expect a sweaty live set of dirty mutant punk funk + autobiographical imagery for  hip- grinding evening of fresh, booty-shaking sounds from the hills and beyond. We call it Punk Carioca!

For further info: www.plus46fashion.se

Ago 15th >> Tetine & Buraka Som Sistema live on Slum Dunk!

We call it PUNK CARIOCA, they call it PROGRESSIVE KUDURO! Expect a night of amazing ghetto pop with Buraka Som Sistema's KUDURO and Tetine's twisted FUNK CARIOCA live on Resonance. We'll be also talking music, production, other ghetto sounds and politics of every kind.Get ready to dance!

Slum Dunk goes on air Resonance Fm 104.4 (10:30 to 11:30 pm) - London time

Ago 2nd >> Tetine play Lindy Annis' SEX live on Resonance!

A night dedicated to the sound work of artist Lindy Annis and german composer Bussmann mixed in freely byTetine. Expect an aural cinematic experience plus atmosferics, found sounds and other surprises. Unmissable and rare!

Slum Dunk goes on air Resonance Fm 104.4 (10:30 to 11:30 pm - London time

July 30th >> Tetine play London Hilton at Bistroteque

Ubber cool Berlinhilton comes to East London and becomes Londonhilton for a sunday night at Bistroteque with DJ Kate Boss playing katebushrock and Dj OL doing his electroplop thing! Tetine takes part playing a short but sweaty live set! Do the dance!

Bistroteque >> Wadeson Street, London, E8

more info: www.berlinhilton.net

July 28th >> Tetine live at Old Blue Last

This Friday Tetine play Old Blue Last in Shoreditch for Adventures Close To Home! Expect a full live set + brand new tunes!

Entry Free >> 39 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, London, EC2A

July 25th >> Tetine's Slum Dunk with Noblesse Oblige

Tetine and Noblesse Oblige get together for a night of free talking, amazing music and other interventions live 22:30/23:30 (London's Time) on resonancefm.com

July 21st >> Tetine live at Shorwave 7th Aniversary

Shortwave goes south of the river to Elephant & Castle's classic Coronet Theatre for an unmissible night of live music, visual art, film and DJ sets played by some legendary (not an understatement) figures. 

LIVE: The Soho Dools, Tetine, Dead Pixels, Mr Solo

DJ's- Jerry Dammers (The Specials), Don Letts (The Clash), Pam Hog (Special)

The Coronet Theatre - 28 New Kent Road / Elephant and Castle, London SE1 - 10pm - 6am

July 19th >>Tetine live @ Palais De Tokyo in Paris

Tetine is back to Paris to play a special concert of L.I.C.K MY FAVELA live at Palais de Tokyo for Pablo International Magazine. The concert is part of the season Tropico-Vegetal which runs until the 27th of June. Tetine will be collaborating with Mexican multi-artist Pablo Leon de la Barra (Pablo International Magazine/Blow de La Barra Gallery) for a soiree of tropical brutalism that will take place over the gallery and will culminate with a live performance.
Expect a sweaty tropical night sexually-charged with Tetine’s electro-rap (mutant punk funk carioca), AVAF (Assume Vivid Astrofocus) video programme and the launch of the third number of Pablo International!

Site de Creation Contemporaine
13 Avenue Du President Wilson
F-75116 Paris 

July 7th >> Tetine live @ Caligula

Tetine live at Caligula - Bar Musical Hall in Shoredtich - with Noblesse Oblige.

134 Curtain Rd - EC2A

4th JULY >> Tetine's Slum Dunk with Pablo Macho live on Resonance FM 104.4

A hormonal live radio programme with Pablo Macho! Tetine & mult-man artist/curator Pablo Leon de La Barra talk/play music, art, fashion, pop queer politics and... Tropicalismo brutal at its best!!

Jun 17th >> Tetine live at PS1

Performing Rights is a festival of performance art that investigates relationships between human rights and
performance through a programme of MANIFESTATIONS. Tetine will be performing L.I.C.K My Favela live at Queen Mary University this Sat at 8pm. The event also features performances by the likes of Karen Finley, Paul Heritage, Coco Fusco, Franko B amongst many others. Highly recommended!

For further info and booking tickets: www.psi12.qmul.ac.uk

13th JUNE >> Tetine, Los Super Elegantes and Panico live @ Slum Dunk on Resonance FM

Tetine, LSE and Panico get together for a night of free talking, amazing music and other interventions live 22:30/23:30 on resonancefm.com

June 9th >> Tetine play Evol @ Korova, Liverpool

 Tetine live at EVOL @ Korova with Panico, Ladytron and Dirt Blondes

more info and ticktes: www.korova-liverpool.com

June 7th >> Tetine play Berlin Hilton

Tetine play NBI  -  berlin hilton - 11:30 PM - Schönhauser Allee 36, 10435 Berlin

More info: www.neueberlinerinitiative.de

Jun 3rd >> Tetine play Hebbel Am Uffer

Tetine is back to Berlin for a night of punk carioca, favela politic & telenovelas at Hebbel Am Uffer - Hallesches Ufer, 32, Berlin, 10963  

More info: www.hebbel-am-ufer.de

Jun 2nd >> Tetine play Venn Festival in Bristol

Tetine play Venn Festival in Bristol with Vasheti Bunyan Cobra Killer, Ariel Pink, Optimo Djs,Tape and many more

For further info and tickets: www.vennfestival.co.uk

May 16th >> Tetine @ Favela Chic London

FAVELA CHIC - 91-93 Gt. Eastern Street EC2 - From 9 PM

May 12th >> Tetine @ The Cock

Friday Tetine play The Cock @ Ghetto.
From 11 pm. Falcomberg Court, London , N1  

April 12th >> Tetine perform TURKISH BATH live at RESONANCE FM

Turkish Bath is Tetine’s audiovisual installation made up of four large scale projections, realtime audio and original soundtrack...The participants are men who belong to different social classes, nationalities and age groups. The images and the sound samples were taken as "pre-performances" based primarily upon the relationship between Tetine and the participant, between the masculine and the private during the visits - including the clash with shame, embarrassment and exhibitionism – intrusion and acceptance. Real time action. The sound happens on and off in thegallery space. We will be playing the sound version of Turkish Bath live from Resonance Fm! This is a rare opportunity to listen to this work. Resonance FM, 104.4 Tuesday 10;30 (London Time).

More info: check out in performances

April 9th >> Tetine play Shortwave Films at 93 Feet East

Shortwave returns to 93 Feet East on Sunday 9th April featuring live sets by Tetine, The Imbeciles, North of Ping-Pong, Kaputt and Unit with the visual stimulation being provided by VJ Anyone. Not to be missed! Tetine play a sweaty live set of dirty and fresh booty-shaking electro-rap meets baile funk beats sung in clear and loud Portuguese and English. We call it Punk Carioca!

Shortwave @ 93 Feet East (Main Hall) 150 Brick Lane London E1
Sunday 9th April / 2pm till 10:30pm / Free Entry / (Donations will be requested) / Nearest Tube Liverpool Street/ Aldgate East


Tetine play the entire Samba de Monalisa (Tetine vs Sophie Calle) released for the Meld series on Sulphur Records in 2002 live at Resonance Fm studio tonight. This is a rare opportunity to listen to this project we made in collaboration with the acclaimed French artist who sings and tells her saga from New York to Vegas. This album is out of print & has become a collectors item.

Resonance Fm 104.4 10:30 pm

Mar 24th >> Tetine play Ether 06 - A late night curated by Ladytron

A late-night show featuring Ladytron's dance pop art-primitivism alongside some of their own choices for this year's Ether 06 festival at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London.

We're a glad to be part of this amazing line up. Expect from Tetine a radical live set of electro-rap based on our latest albums L.I.C.K MY FAVELA (Slum Dunk music) and Bonde do Tetao (Bizarre Music) plus favela politics, telenovelas and other surprises!

FEAT: Ladytron, Asia Argento, Chris Cunningham, Tetine, Candie Hank, Esa Shields, 386DX, Evils, Mayming.

@ South Bank Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Belvedere Road, London, UK - 8PM >> £ 16,50.

For futher info and booking click HERE

Mar 23rd >> Tetine play Cargo as part of Latin Flow
This is London's hottest midweek urban Latin night. Expect a sweaty night of reggaeton vs baile funk / punk carioca soundclash for the first time here. We'll be playing a live set, plus DJ Ze Luis, Cesar R, Acevedo, Puerto Rico MCs and many more!.

Cargo >> 83 Revington Str - EC1 - Thursday 23rd March, 8pm-1am, £4/5

Feb 19th >> Tetine play Shortwave Films at 93 Feet East

Sunday evening (from 8pm). Expect a sweaty live set of dirty disco punk + funk carioca beats + autobiographical imagery + hip- grinding evening of fresh, booty-shaking sounds from the hills and beyond.

Where: Brick Lane 151 - E2

Feb 19 >> Tetine vs Assume Vivid Astrofocus at Barbican Art Gallery

Tetine perform inside Assume Vivid Astrofocus installation Butch Queen Realness With a Twist in Pastel Colours at Barbican. This will be an afternoon of radical ghetto experimentalism, sexual politics and old school electro rap in loud and clear Portuguese!

Free to same Day ticket holders. 2 to 4pm (Places subject to availability)

For further info: www.barbican.org.uk

Feb 15 >> Tetine live at Barbican in London

Tetine play live at the opening of Tropicália - A Revolution in Brazilian Culture - at Barbican Centre! Expect from us L.I.C.K MY FAVELA action in the style of Helio Oiticica's Be a Marginal and Be a Hero! Tropicália is a major festival of art, music, film and dance celebrating Tropicalia movement.

For further info: www.barbican.org.uk

Jan, Feb, March >> Tetine's Slum Dunk live on Resonance FM

Tetine's Slum Dunk radio show on Resonance Fm 104.4 is back for a brand new season of unexpected music from the hills and beyond. New season, new time...now on Tuesdays at 22:30 to 23:30! Expect a selection of great distinct experimental moments of Brazilian music (past, present and future) plus some of our favorite stuff freely mixed in. From pre-Tropicalia action with psychedelic art pranksters Os Mutantes to female funk carioca delights. Unmissable, fast, slow and highly melancholic sometimes!


Jan 7 >> Tetine's L.I.C.K. MY FAVELA @ Nublu in New York

Tetine play from their brand new album L.I.C.K MY FAVELA (Slum Dunk Music) at Nublu.  Expect a sweaty live set of dirty disco punk + funk carioca beats + autobiographical imagery +  hip- grinding evening of fresh, booty-shaking sounds from the hills and beyond. We call it Punk Carioca! Tetine play two sets of 30 minutes. Come along and do the dance!

Doors Open at 8:30
DJ Freddie Mas @ 10:30        
Tetine plays @ 12:30 /1:30
Nublu 62 Ave C between East 4th and East 5th NYC $10

Dec 17 >> Tetine play SOB's in New York

Back for another late night session in NYC! Expect Tetine's funk carioca from Bonde do Tetão (Bizarre Music), L.I.C.K My Favela (Slum Dunk) plus a DJ set of unexpected dirty music for the masses, booty-shaking sounds and freestyle MCing plus The Sexual Like of The Savages (Soul Jazz Records).
SOB's - 204 Varick Street - New York / From 12 am

Dec 15 >> Tetine play Sonotheque in Chicago + DJ Joe Bryl

The Empty Bottle and Sonotheque are pleased to present Brazilian duo TETINE. Concerned with all forms of media as it relates to popular culture, the duo have organized electronic music shows, spoken word performances and video installations. But it’s their work as deejays and musicans that has seemingly brought them the widest acclaim, and with the release of their Brazilian booty mix SLUM DUNK presents Funk Carioca late last year, the two are now turning heads the world over.

As adventurous listeners know, Brazilian favela music is coming over by the crates, and this is fine, fine opportunity to get with the progenitors of some of the finest. JOE BRYL will spin throughout, culling music from his extensive collection of South American records, making for an outstanding evening of beat-based entertainment.
Sonotheque - 1444 W Chicago 10:00pm; $10 advance $12

Dec 14 >> Tetine interview for The World

Catch Tetine's segment interview for radio show The World this Wed. Expect a frank talk about L.I.C.K my Favela, music making and sexual politics. The world airs in New York on WNYC at 3pm and in Chicago on WBEZ
91.5FM on 2pm.
For further info: www.theworld.org

Dec 4 >> Tetine play Rio Rox party at Soho Social Club

DJs/MCs/vocalists: DJ Sandrinho & MC Xana, DJ Cutlass Supreme & MC Hyperactive (playing miami bass, booty shaker and ghetto tech), DJ Cheeky, MC Jammer & MC Skepta (playing grime and underground UK sounds), Tetine (playing a live set of punk funk carioca)

The Soho Social Club, 139 Wardour Street, Soho, London, W1 - 8 pm till late./ £ 3

Nov 25, 26 >> Tetine live at Rencontres Parallèles Brésil // Brésils at Centre d'art Contemporain de Basse-Normandie!

Tetine perform a special concert at Rencontres Paralleles. Expect from us an evening of experimental Brazilian ghetto electro, performance art, atmospherics, punk carioca and atonalisms from Bonde do Tetão, Men in Uniform and Samba de Monalisa. Second night featuring special guest artist Cabelo (Boato)Also showing >> Slum Dunk Music Film Programme including Sabotage by 13 Produções, Denise Garcia's I'm Ugly But Trendy, Mapas Urbanos by Daniel Augusto and Um Dia De Samba by Pedro Dantas and Cristian Cancino. Further info: www.rencontresparalleles.info

Nov 18 >> Tetine play a selection with the best tunes you heard on Slum Dunk Radio Show in 2005 at Guanabara. Expect underground post punk from São Paulo and beyond, female funk carioca girl power and stuff we like. Parker Street Corner of Drury Lane WC2B - 020 72428600

Nov 06 >> Tetine play Time Zones 2005 Festival di Musica Contemporanea in Bari, Italy
You'd better do the dance!!! Tetine play from Bonde do Tetão at the amazing Time Zones - Festival di Musica Contemporanea in Bari, Italy. Expect from us a sweaty live set full of art punk/funk carioca meets post-disco shit full of brand new tunes plus miami bass interventions and experimental autobiographical imagery. Sem caô!! It's high tide!
Check out complete programme on www.timezones.it
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